What Gear is the U.S Army issued?

What helmet?

What Plate carrier or armor?

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    Standard helmet is the ACH. Although the MICH, PASGT, SOCH, and CVCH are also found

    Standard body armor is currenty the IOTV with the old IBAS still being used by some units. They have Class IV+ Front and side ceramic plates.

    Troops in Afghanistan may get to have a unit issued plate carrier, with the same plates as mentioned above.

    Edit, the actual companies that make the armor vary as there are many that have contracts to make the same gear.

    Source(s): Army Scout
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    well that's a very unspecified question lol. it's not like we get our gear from the sporting goods store lol. dont know of a brand name, its just stuff that they give us to help stop bullets lmao

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    whoever is the lowest bidder

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