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what exactly does "deflecting" in an argument mean?

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    I can think of a couple of meanings, and there may be more.

    One meaning is to defuse tension or avoid answering a question by trying to steer the conversation in a different direction. If you know people who can calm a heated argument with an inoffensive humorous comment, that's an example of deflection and a talent I wish I had. Or someone may try to change the subject, useful if it works but it sometimes backfires if they get caught at it.

    Another form of deflection is to try to turn the anger or at least the heat away from themselves. They may do this by showing that they meant no harm or by blaming someone else. The blame game can end up making them look guilty or at least treacherous.

    I've wasn't a debater in school but I understand that some types of deflection are considered formal debating techniques.

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    what exactly does "deflecting" in an argument mean?

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    Not directly answering the question; ie trying to change the subject, telling only part, passing blame...etc

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