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can rats eat raw meat?

can domesticated rats eat raw meat and if so which can and cant they eat

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    No. There is a huge difference between wild rats and pet rats. The meat has to be cooked but with no spices on it.

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    Yes they can, rats should be fed a wide mix of foods from cooked to raw meats. It does not matter " domestication" the rats are still BRED, and GENETICALLY made up to eat and handle both raw and cooked meats. Domestication is based on how tame the animal is now that it has been bred to TAME down, and be HUMAN companions it does not alter the animals needs in anyway... they may "adapt" but it doesn t do a complete 180 and make them unable to handle it.

    AS for cats and bones, have a cat raw fed 18 years...and 12 other animals raw fed who eat raw chicken bones, raw deer bones, and raw beef bones and guess what they are alive and never 1 single issue... I know several others who follow this feeding, and guess vet couldn t be more amazed at how great their teeth look because guess what COOKED bones are bad...and raw bones are what they are MADE to eat.

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    Rats can eat just about anything, they have even been know to eat their way through a concrete wall ! Think about it in the wild they cannot cook so any live meat they get would be raw.

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    sure they can.Have you seen the film bone collector? they eat a human. But i suggest dont letting your rat do this :) . Rats are born to eat anything to survive, but the actually enjoy meat, but not too often. Rats need a varied diet so some meat in it would be good. Avoid meats with high salt, like some hams. But go a head, give them it, if they dont like it then you can say, well i tried.

    Hope this helped!

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    K. Jones; Domesticated rats are actually exactly the same deal as their wild brethren. They're all known, to science, as " Rattus norvegicus ". The pet ones are simply domesticated. That aside? Absolutely the same animal.

    And yes, they both can and will eat raw flesh. Anyone trying to deny that fact is simply living in Lah Lah Land.

    That said; I can see absolutely no advantage to offering Pet rats raw flesh. I've kept rats of my own and it never crossed my mind to feed them raw flesh. Why would one?

    Ye been reading " Willard " ....?

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    No. In the wild, yes, but through centuries of domestication, rats can't stomach raw meat. It'll make them very very sick.

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    5 years ago

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    I'm not sure on that, but my rats use to eat cooked chicken, cat food (wet and dry), and baby food meats. I know they should not have any nuts.

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    my rats have had raw mince beef before and it didnt do them any harm. they loved it. they have only had it once or twice. ive never tried anything else

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    Cats will eat any meat raw if necessary; if you give them chicken , be sure there's no bones in it, as chicken bones splinter.

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