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How do you play Ghost Notes on Guitar ?

Can anybody tell me how to play ghost notes on guitar. Because I am a beginner Guitar player and I need to know how to play ghost notes on guitar. Please, somebody tell me how to play ghost notes on guitar............

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    Ghost notes are the notes that are felt not heard. You can get this result by decreasing the pressure of the fretting hand without removing the hand from the fretboard. Another common answer to the "how do you play ghost notes" question is that the notes are artificial harmonics. To get the harmonic simply pick the string with both your thumb and pick. This technique works well on both the electric and acoustic guitar, but depending on the amp and effects it can create quite an eerie, intense sound on the electric guitar.

    When you see ghost notes written out, they are in parenthesis. Play around with either way of doing them to create the sound you want. Some guitarists also play different notes where you'll see the ghost note written out, so you can experiment with using the different notes in between the main notes as well.

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