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how do i remove abec 7 bearings?

I just started skating and I have ABEC 7 bearings. I can not figure out how to remove them. Can anyone tell me how to?

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    The ABEC rating has nothing to do with the mounting or pretty much anything else with a skate bearing. It is an industrial rating to limit vibration at speeds that would be over 200 mph on skates.

    The standard size bearing for most skates is called a 608 bearing. That is an industrial standard for the bearing dimensions.

    Removal from inline skates will depend on the size of axle that your skates use.

    There are two sizes: 6mm (1/4") and 8mm (5/16")

    With 6mm axles, you will see a thin (1mm, 1/25") lip inside of the inner bearing race. You push on the lip to push the far bearing out.

    Most bearing tools have an end to do this. The hexagonal body of the replaceable screwdriver bits are also the right size.

    With 8mm axles, you have to "pull" the bearing out of the near side.

    Find something that fits inside the bearing's inner race. Most skate tools are loose but will work. The screwdriver handle for a 1/4" socket set usually fits very well and is comfortable.

    Put the tool just in the bearing (1/4") and pull to one side. The bearing will lift slightly on the other side.

    Make a rolling motion with the tool around the wheel and the bearing will wiggle out.

    (Thanks BWI-Sheldon for the correction of my typo)

    Source(s): 15+ years of inline skating.
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    if u have a reflex tool u can use the bearing press to open it by putting it in the whell with the bearing in it and just slowly move the tool backwards but make sure the bearing press stays in the wheel at all times

    Source(s): i have one and i use this theory to clean mt bearings
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    +1 on what fun skater said. However I think he meant a 1/4" socket driver. (not 1/2")

    one like this is what he means.


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