Someone please help! i think my iPod is broken!?

I hav an iPod nano (i think. Its one size and generation biger than the shuffle(not touch screen shuffle, just the normal)).. Its an 8GB version. Its about two, maybe three years old and i just have one problem with it. I went outside today and it was rlly cold. I listen to my iPod until i died and then brought it in to charge it. I noticed tht it was on a white screen that said disk mode at the top and had a checkmark saying underneath 'OK to disconnect'. I put my iPod on the charger thinking the screen would darken and that this would go away. It didnt. I tried hitting the menu key and the play button (on/off switch). Nothing happened. It showed when i connected it to the chrger and when i locked and unlocked it, but not anything else. No music is playing and its been like this for a good 3 hours (only 1 hour off the charger) what should i do???

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    Hold the menu and the center buttons at the same time for about ten seconds for a hard reboot.

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