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Can someone give me some Major Court Cases having to do with immigration?

I need 3-4 court cases that have been solved having to do with (illegal) Immigration and I can easily find info about it online.

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    Previous Supreme Court decisions about immigration issues

    CLARK v. MARTINEZ (2005)

    Does federal law prohibit the open-ended detention of Cubans who committed crimes in the United States but cannot be deported because the Cuban government refuses to take them back?

    Yes: 7

    No: 2

    LEOCAL v. ASHCROFT (2004)

    Is driving under the influence of alcohol, even when serious bodily injury results, an "aggravated felony" for which an immigrant can be subject to automatic deportation?

    Yes: 0

    No: 9

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    A step contained in the right route. Now we purely favor all the different states to bypass similar guidelines so as that they could do the jobs the feds received't do! lets hear it for States rights! Yeah!

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    USA vs. Obama

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