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Do you think he likes me ?

So there's this guy in my class, let's say his name is Matt. So Matt is popular, sweet, he can be kind of annoying/rude sometimes, he's really good looking, athletic, etc.

Then there's me. I'm Brianna. I'm 5"1 , yes , I'm short. I have hair that's layered and goes under my shoulders by about an inch or two. I have almond shaped eyes, hazel, oh and my hair is dark brown, with some lights to it. My nose is small and considered "cute" but I don't like it. I have tanned skin; I am Spanish. I don't wear makeup either.

So anyways, lots of people think Matt likes me. I don't really agree that much.

I'm quiet sometimes, but in front of really good friends I'm loud and energetic. I love music and I'm always listening to my iPod. I usually just sit in class, listen to my iPod and do my work.

He comes up to me all the time and leans against my desk just to have quick conversations with me. I get shy around him, so I'm just really quiet. It seems like I play hard to get, but no, I'm just quiet. I'm friends with him, too. Well I'm friends with everyone so I guess I'm popular.

So there's this guy named let's say... Johnny. Everyone says I like Johnny but we're just really good friends. Matt and Johnny are pretty good friends too. When I'm with Johnny, Matt always comes over and threatens me that he's gonna tell Johnny I like him, which of course makes me leave Johnny. Matt usually makes fun of me as a friend but it sometimes offends me. So I ignore him for a bit and then he comes over and hugs me and tells me he loves me and all this crap. lol.

He always tells me to sit with him, and always turns behind him to talk to me. He always tries to get me upset and stuff and when he succeeds at that, he gets close to me and starts hugging me and crap. We needed someone in my group one day in French and he volunteered to be with me. One time, he threw a football at me and then ran over to get it, and then hugged me.

Also, he always tries to make me laugh and tries to sit near me all the time. He's not a shy guy, or anything. One time, he got me really mad at him, so he came up to me with Johnny and apologized and then gave me a long hug. Then when I turned away, my friend was watching them and said : Oh my god ! Did you just see that? Johnny just patted Matt on the back, nodded and gave him a satisfied look!

Does that mean something ?

He always takes my stuff and tries to make me chase him or whatever.

I dunno, I really hope he likes me.

And for his looks : I'm at his chin, he looks like a "black Justin Bieber" as everyone calls him.

Alot of girls always try to get his attention, which really bothers me, but I don't make it obvious.

His friends always ask me who I like and I always say : someone. and walk away.

And then they come back and say : Is it Matt?

So I really don't know.

What do you think?

People say we make a good couple because I'm quieter, yet "popular" and he's loud and popular and it just looks "cute together."

Please let me know ! :)


Also , EVERYONE says I look like a mix of Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice.


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  • 9 years ago
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    yeah i think he does like you by the sounds of things. you should causally ask him if he likes you and maybe you could go out with him or something.

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  • 4 years ago

    Likey likeyyy. My mate used to do that whilst she first moved from Manchester. She's lived in Birmingham for a quantity of 12 months and he or she has stopped. Move to Birmingham,UK =) haha.

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  • I think he does(: and you guys from how you describe it would sound great together.

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  • 9 years ago

    he likes you!

    And thanks for answering my

    Question! Good Luck!

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