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Is it wrong to kill yourself?

It seems like ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to. I've always been the guy that might have a lot of friends, but I wasn't the popular kid. I was the weirdo - or rather, I am. 3 girlfriends have died, one from leukemia, one from methadone o.d., and the the other fell into a coma and died. I've been with the woman I'm with now for about 8 years on and off...mostly on(1 1/2 years off). She's cheated and lied constantly, but she shows me lots of love, but I can't help but feel like I've been used this whole time. She says she's done more for me than I ever have for her(I kinda doubt)...but all I can think of is killing myself. Is this wrong? I don't want to leave her either. I know it's pretty twisted, but I just feel like there isn't anyone out there worth being with, or living for, even myself. Screw it all right? And don't give me this, oh if you kill yourself you can't be forgiven by God...if you're Christian go read a bible...and really tell me that, because once you've accepted Christ, sin is only a hindrance to blessing, not a one way ticket...once saved always saved. So...why shouldn't I? Anyone?


I actually saw this guy on the news in albuquerque new mexico threaten he was gonna kill himself, the wife called the police, and they ended up shooting him dead lol.

Update 2:

he had a gun, and was waving it around in front of his house....

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    Don't do it seriously. Over a female? Are u that much of a pussy? Cmon a ******* man and set your ***** straight or get out there and live life. Stop worrying about 'girlfriends'. Are you a 16 year old??? There's more to life than a significant other. I'm sure you're not an old fart so u have plenty of time to one day settle down with a good woman. Go live it up bachelor style! I know if I was a dude I wouldn't give 2 shits I'd love the single life. U need friends is what it seems like...go out and meet people. I'm sure there's someone in this world that would just die if they found out u ended your life. I'm a suicide victim and its shitty. Get on antidepressents and kick that scumbag girlfriend to the curb!

    Source(s): 28 years of life
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    It is not wrong to want to. I've attempted last year and I know what your feeling. I think you should leave her since you think there is no one worth being with and she's proved she's not a very good person but if you truly don't want to then that's your choice and life. There's nothing wrong with being a loner as long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to function but i have no say in what you should do. I have a lot of friends to but i always seem to feel alone. It's not a very pleasant feeling. I was the one in the corner getting paper hurled at mes o I'm weird to. Suicide is your choice and yours alone. If it ends suffering then I see nothing wrong with it. Like medical suicide is used so the patients are no longer in pain. Christians hate me so don't worry about a lecture. I'm a weak agnostic, fyi.

    If you ever want to talk your more than welcomed to message me. About this or anything. I'm not judge or jury. Just an opened eared friend.

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    Lol about the guy.

    About the question, I ask myself that all the time too. The thing that stops me (or what I find would be ultimately "wrong" about killing myself) is that I care too much about my family to subject them to that sort of pain because I didn't feel like dealing with mine. I once did not think this way, but I feel I would be selfish for doing that to them.

    But then again, what about yourself? Aside from any religious or legal code (though suicidal people aren't usually held liable because they are considered emotionally impaired or something), there's really nothing essentially wrong with it. I just think it's terrible effect it can have on people who care about you or what the future could have had in store. I suppose?...

    Source(s): Best wishes. x]
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    Im weird too ,always been ,I felt the same way but I rather live and fight through this 'life' then just give up and leave ,your gf seems to be kinda fake :/ you can still find someone who loves you for you ,all you have to do is look around ,don't stay with her cause your scared of being alone ,you want to die cause theres no1 out there who loves you O_o ,are you living for other people ?life's a play just play along and enjoy it while you can ! sometimes you can find love in the weirdest place ,I didn't believe in Love and stuff and when I gave up looking for it I found it :P

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    It would be a great shame to kill yourself because you have no idea what the future could hold for you. If you're going to die one day anyway, hold it out and try and better things for yourself :)

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    Frankly, I am not 100%

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    technically its illegal but i dont know anyone thats ever been arrested for it

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    that is sad. why did they kill him?

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