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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 10 years ago

Can females be Ground Intel Officers in the United States Marine Corps?

I've seen some articles that say yes, and I've seen some that say no... I'm confused. :\ Any and all help is appreciated.


I've also read that in 08 the Intel field (Human Intel, Ground Intel, ect) was opened to women...

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  • 10 years ago
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    No, to be an 0203 you have to be a male and complete the Infantry Officers Course; the Scout Sniper Platoon Commander's Course in Quantico, VA; and the Ground Intelligence Officer's Course; Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center. IOC and Scout Sniper Plt Cmdrs Course are not open to females.

    Edit: Also, Marine officer's don't get to pick their MOS. They get to choose Air, Law or Ground when they go in. Air contract must pass a flight physical. Law contracts must have completed their JD or be accepted into a program. If they pick ground they, depending on gender, can end up in any other MOS.

    After OCS all officers must complete infantry oriented training at The Basic School also in Quantico. When I was with E&I Co, I think it combat instructor company now, we would run them through familarization on some crew served weapons and act as aggressors when they were doing there field training. there's some more to it than that, but that's the idea of it. If it's still the same as when I was there the Lts will qual on the rifle and pistol range while they are at TBS.

    While at TBS the classes our broken down into 3rds based on grades and the top of those 3rds are more likely to get the MOS they want. They do this to ensure that no one MOS gets all the good officers while MOSs, like supply, get a bunch of dumbasses. If a male officer gets infantry they stay in Quantico and complete IOC for their MOS training.

    2d Edit: There was a change in in 2002 that allowed females to enter the CI/HUMINT MOS. It is open for officers between 2dLt and Capt, MOS 0204. Enlisted males are normally (not always) drawn from combat arms MOSs. Never met a female CI/HUMINT. The MOS Manual from 2008 states the prerequisites for 0203 Ground Intel Officers as:

    "b. Prerequisites

    (1) Must be a U.S. citizen.

    (2) Must be eligible or a top-secret security clearance and access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) predicated upon a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). Application for the SSBI must be submitted prior to attendance of the Ground Intelligence Officers Course at NMITC, Dam Neck, VA.

    (3) MUST BE A MALE Lieutenant to be assigned this MOS as a primary MOS. Officers assigned this MOS will retain it as an additional MOS and following completion of the MAGTF Intelligence officer Course and re-designation as a 0202 MAGTF Intelligence Officer.

    (4) Intelligence MOS Marines are required to have a Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) test score on file in their official military personnel file (OMPF). Intelligence MOS Marines that score above 100 on the DLAB may be designated to attend formal language training. There is no

    minimum DLAB score required. Intelligence officers will be administered the DLAB before being assigned the 0203 PMOS."

    Being able to accurately engage a stationary target or having martial arts training doesn't make someone quilified to serve as a Scout Sniper or even infantryman. Those that see it as this have obvioulsy never served in an infantry line company or been in combat with one. We carry extremely heavy loads over uneven terrian prepared to immdiately get into a prolonged fight if we have to. At times the weight of my gear exceeded 100lbs. I'm sure there a some females out there that could carry those loads, but with for 20 plus miles like males are expected to be able to do, but with limited budgets it would be a waste of money to see how many could keep up w/o haiving to lower standards. Lowering standards would end up costing good Marines and Soldiers their lives.

    Source(s): former Marine
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  • 10 years ago

    you ask the same type of questions alot , so basically women are not allowed to do anything involving infantry or anything that can get them into direct combat, you could be a mechanic i guess and can be ambushed going from point a to point b i guess but thats as close as your gonna get.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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