What are the steps that I should follow in the university to become an environmental engineer?

I'm willing to become an environmental engineer and I'd like to know clearly the steps that i should follow in the university in order to achieve my objective

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  • 10 years ago
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    1. Select a university which has "Environmental Engineering" as a major

    2. Apply and be accepted by said university.

    3. Select "Environmental Engineering" as your major and sign up for the required course.

    3. Attend all classes and study all material - learn the information.

    4. Try to coop while you are in school with an engineering firm.

    5. Graduate.

    Objective achieved!

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  • nashim
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    4 years ago

    i'm an Environmentalist at a Uranium mine in Australia (SA) My job is to be certain that the miners are following strict environmental regulations. be certain that the uranium isn't leaching into the break. Re-vegetate flowers and learn the animals in the mine website alongside with Kangaroos, rabbits, emus, birds,and so on. you need to do a Bachelor of technology for 3 years at a school like your minor you're doing. you need to be a individual who's involved interior the ambience and is prepared to combat for the ambience. you are able to must be outgoing and revel interior the exterior. attempt your suited in school. bypass out into the ambience and basically have fun with it. My beginning salary replaced into $seventy two,000 Australian funds i'm at the instant on $106,000 AUD simply by fact the Senior Mine Environmentalist Environmentalist are paid quite nicely not as super as geologists. I fly to the mine with the aid of a jet run by making use of the business employer. I stay there for each week working 12 hour days besides the shown fact that most of the girls individuals artwork 9 hour days. i'm then flown homestead for 2 weeks. You get to locate the international. help the climate disaster. artwork with the biodiversity alongside with animals and flowers and Meet a huge form people and the priceless pay.

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  • 10 years ago

    Usually engineering majors have specific courses they must take each semester. I'd check with the university you attend.

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  • 10 years ago

    Check with University in question.

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