question about SCR in circuit?

Is it possible to use a 555 configured monostable for one shot pulse mode to trigger an scr for the same time as the pulse? Meaning the Gate is triggered when the pulse is high and straight away cut off when the pulse is low? 1ms timing

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  • 10 years ago
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    You can use the 555 output to turn the SCR on, as long as the ground of the 555 is connected to the cathode of the SCR. And as long as the current through the DCR is above the holding current.

    But SCR's latch on, and it will not turn off when the gate pulse goes back to zero volts.

    The SCR will remain in the "on" state even after gate current is removed so long as current through the device remains above the holding current. Once current falls below the holding current for an appropriate period of time, the device will switch "off". If the gate is pulsed and the current through the device is below the holding current, the device will remain in the "off" state.

    Download the datasheet for an SCR and study it.


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