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Girl's generation in japan?

i am korean living in korea and i just want to ask those of you living in japan.. how popular is girl's generation in japan?? i mean i've seen that they have their posters up in huge buildings.. do japanese people seem to like them?

also who do the people prefer more..kara or gg? also could you contrast the differences between japanese girl groups to korean girl groups??thanks

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    >how popular is girl's generation in japan??

    They are fairly popular in Japan, especially among Kpop fans and Koreans who are living in Japan.

    On Oricon's top music chart in 2010, AKB48's "beginner" was No.1 and sold 954,283 copies.

    GG's "Gee" was 49th and sold 130,145 copies.

    So I can not say that GG are "very popular" comparing to AKB48.

    But for a foreign group, I think they are pretty popular!

    >who do the people prefer more..kara or gg?

    hmm...personally I prefer GG more.

    But maybe, kara? because they can speak Japanese.

    >also could you contrast the differences between japanese girl groups to korean girl groups??

    AKB is an Idol group that the fans enjoy the process of their growing up.

    Kpop girls group are performance-oriented.

    Musically, AKB is Jpop, kpop idols are Americanized.

    As for the fanbase, AKB is more popular among boys than girls. (but I am a girl who likes AKB.lol)

    Kpop girls groups are more popular among girls than boys.

    Sorry for my poor English.

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    Honestly, Taeyeon isnt that historical but... shes like 22 correct? She will generally final until shes like 28 probably? I guess she's going to end up a solo artist. Yoona an actress... the leisure of the contributors im no longer so definite :/ ANYWAYS my reply is 6 years! three years min

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    Girls' Generation is very popular in Japan. Girls' Generation seems to have more female fans in Japan than Korea. I think that people prefer Girls' Generation. I can't really say why. Their songs I guess. Songs like Gee appeal more too guys since it's cute and Genie, Run Devil Run appeal to females more than Gee does since it's more feminine/sexy.

    Japanese girl groups tend to be younger than korean girl groups and don't have a lot training like korean girl groups have. Japanese girl groups are cuter which appeals to guys in their 20's and older. Even some grandpa fans, which is a little weird to me. A lot of little kids like them too. Not a big amount of fangirls, at least from the concerts I've been too.

    Korean girl groups tend to be older. Late teens to early 20's. They have more training on dancing and vocals. They quite a few fangirls. It has been said that korean girl groups have more talent that japanese girl groups. I don't think that is entirely true but it is true that they train longer. A lot of members from korean girl groups have had more than 5 years of training before entering the group.

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    They are getting popular in Japan.

    >also could you contrast the differences between japanese girl groups to korean girl groups??

    Personally, not.

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    Japanese girl groups are mostly loved by little kids, elementary school kids, and perverted, nerdy men. some girls do like the girl groups. but not many. they are mostly made for the perverted, nerdy men.

    Source(s): american living in japan
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