yoga: difference between bridge and wheel pose?

and do they work abs? if so, how? hold for how long? how many reps etc please. thx

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is Bridge pose:

    This is Wheel, also frequently called Upward Bow:

    If you try Bridge pose, think you will find that the strength to keep your rear lifted off the floor comes mainly from lower back and quad (thigh) muscles.

    Wheel pose is a deep back bend.

    In addition to arm and shoulder strength, it also requires "opening" the front of the chest and shoulders.

    If the front of your chest is tight (intercostal muscles), it prevents the spine from bending deeply backwards.

    A person whop lacks sufficient chest opening, will experience discomfort/pain in the lower back when attempting a deep back bend (a literal "jamming" together of the vertebrae) -- so be very cautious attempting this pose if you are new to it.

    As the other answer mentioned, Boat pose is much greater ab work.


    Also, as they said, unlike weight lifting, there is no common number of reps.



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  • 9 years ago

    Firstly, yoga generally doesn't do reps, per se. Sometimes you repeat a pose in a practice, but it's not a "now drop and give me 20 downward facing dogs!" kind of thing.

    While I think some schools might teach them as the same pose, Bridge usually has your shoulders still on the ground and hands locked underneath you, with your waist rising up and your knees reaching out while wheel has your hands and feet on the floor with your waist lengthening upward. Both lengthen and stretch abdominal muscles, but I would think there is more core strengthening with bridge. The exertion in wheel is coming up and coming down, while in bridge the maintaining of a more middle ground strengthens abs and back. Both can cause serious back injury if not practiced correctly, but probably wheel is more dangerous than bridge. The length of time you hold the pose is dependent on your physical fitness level, generally from 3-5 breaths and upward.

    For another good abdominal pose, try "boat".

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  • 3 years ago


    Source(s): Practice Yoga Correctly
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