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I have never had problems with allergies, but I have a very annoying, persistent itch on the inside of my nose?

Have to blow my nose constantly and allergy/cold medications do nothing. Any suggestions?

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    How long has this been going on? Is it new with the change of weather in the last couple months? The last few days? Or is it something you've lived with for some time?

    Have you made any changes lately? Moved to a different apartment, house, city, region? Is there a new or different heating system? Did the heat recently come on due to winter? The heat can kick up a lot of dust. Also, heated air is really dry! Try a humidifier.

    Is it your first winter in a different place? Did you recently get your dusty winter stuff out of storage?

    Do you have a different job than you did last winter, or is there something different in your office from what was there before? Different plants, co-worker with different perfume or cologne, new cleaning products or air fresheners? New carpet? Newly shampooed but old carpet?

    Are you using different cleaning products at home or at work? I am allergic to synthetic air fresheners, including Febreze and the fragrance added to wet Swiffer cloths. The dry ones are okay, but I have to use Murphy's Oil Soap to clean the floors because the wet Swiffer gives me a headache and makes my throat itch. It could be something as subtle as that!

    Are you eating differently from how you ate before symptoms started? Even if you're eating the same, you could be developing a food allergy. Food allergies can develop out of nowhere, even in adulthood. If this gets worse or if your throat feels like it's closing, talk to a doctor immediately. Food allergies can be very dangerous! Does it get worse after meals, at certain times, or is it constant?

    Are you just eating too heavily? We did just make it through the holiday season. Perhaps your body is responding to too many inflammatory foods, like dairy, animal fat, and sugar from the holidays. Give yourself a break and try eating a lot more raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, instead of the heavy, creamy, rich holiday foods you may have been indulging in.

    Have you been eating a lot of packaged or processed foods? Those can also create inflammation, and can be full of chemicals and potentially allergenic foods like soy.

    Tomorrow, try eating really clean, light, nourishing foods. Have steel cut oats (also called Irish or Scottish oats) with walnuts, raisins, and bananas for breakfast. Or try quinoa, rinsed well then cooked with some cinnamon and topped with pecans and apricots. Skip the milk - it creates a lot of mucous in the body and can aggravate allergies, even if milk isn't the thing you're allergic to! Pack hummus and veggies for lunch, and an apple and some grapes for dessert. Don't worry about protein - hummus and quinoa are both super high in protein. Believe it or not, oats and nuts are also very rich in protein, and raw fruits and veggies also have lots of protein! Bring extra veggies and fruits to snack on, so you're not tempted by the vending machine! Then have brown rice and veggie soup for dinner. (It's easy to make soup from scratch - throw some scrubbed and chopped potatoes, some garlic, and just enough water to cover them up in a pot, and boil till soft. Add some broccoli or any other green vegetable, stir it up, and let it sit off the heat for a few minutes. The residual heat will cook the broccoli. Blend it all up till smooth, and season to taste with salt, cayenne, fresh herbs, whatever you like. Enjoy it right away, and have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!)

    Eating light, clean foods like this can help clear your system out and reduce inflammation and allergic response. It will also boost your energy. The next day, you will feel fantastic!

    Good luck, and I hope you find the source of the itchiness and feel better soon!

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