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Can you be sent to a psych ward for cutting and suicidal thoughts?

If you are going to say anything about how I should just live my life "normally" and stop being emo, don't bother even reading any further. I have cut for about a year, and have had suicidal thoughts for a year and a half. I'm addicted to pain killers. Somebody I know found out and I am being forced to tell my school therapist, and if I don't the person who found out will and that will be ten times worse then if I tell them, but I don't want to be sent to a psych ward like another kid in my school who was suicidal.


Thanks so far. I never thought there would be a day I would say I can't wait for school on Monday.

Lizzyyyy, you might not realize it but by you saying that I am not an emo punk to you and that I am a person made my day. Just reading that after being called a freaky emo chick for years planted a huge smile on my face. I have never smiled bigger in my life. Thank you, you probably don't realize how happy that made me.

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    Yes you can. First you'd have to be assessed by a psychiatrist who will make the decision on whether or not you need to be in hospital.

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    It depends how severe the situation is, but you won't be sent to a psyche ward for two reasons.

    1. You're a minor and a student who has recently started (1 year as you said).

    2. You're condition isn't as severe as others and you don't pose a threat to society (as far as I know, lol).

    For the pain killers, either you're talking to a doctor or going through a rehab program while still staying in school.

    Best of Luck


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    Cutting sucks. I have had friends who cut and I always taalk them into seeing the counselor / a therapist and they feel way better after talking to someone. You aren't an emo punk to me. You are a person. I would just talk to my parents and talk them into taking me to the hospital(If I were you.)

    These sites help me! When I'm having a suckey day:


    You are very welcome! It is true though. All those that call you a freaky emo kid are just immature and don't understand. I have alot of friends that get called emo just because they wear dark makeup. I tell the bullys that being emo is nothing to joke about! It sucks and they have no idea. Just know you are beautiful person to me. Email me if you need to vent out some frustration(email is on my page).

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    In England, they tend not to owing to a shortage of beds and a belief that this is the kind of problem that is best managed in the home environment.

    I believe in the US, it's different. From what I've heard (and depending on your insurance) even uttering the word 'suicide' can lead to hospitalisation. In the long term, it'll be better for you if you tell your school therapist what's going on; at least then they'll hear it from your mouth, instead of a distorted version from your friends.

    Psych wards aren't as bad as they're made out to be. They exist to allow the psychiatric profession to carry out intense observation and treatment, to help you recover as quickly as possible from bouts of psychiatric illness. They're not prisons, and they don't tend to keep you for longer than necessary. if they want to send you to one, they will discuss it with you, and you'll have some input. So try not to worry, they just want to help.

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    Why worry about going to a psych ward? Obviously what you are doing now to deal with the pain and anxiety isn't working or safe. Who cares what people think - you have to live with you for the next 80 yrs so do what you have to do to find peace. Intreatment can help with learning tools to deal with pain and anxiety positivly so that you don't have to abuse drugs or physically harm yourself anymore. it isn't abnormal to have some suicidle thoughts but if you obsess on them then the more likely youare to fallow through especially if you are coming down or are drunk.

    Source(s): Spent a month in a psych ward when I was 20, now I am sane, healthy and off the drugs and sucessful.
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    hmmm well you probably would be sent there but I suggest you do it on your own, like my cousin went and it's really not that bad. You should tell your mom and she can commit you into the hospital. I would rather do that then have the whole school find out. That way you can just tell your classmates you had the flu or something.

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    No, not necessarily. Probably just rehab.

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