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Is roller blading much different than roller skating?

I roller skate a lot. I'm pretty fast at it, and I very rarely fall. I want to switch over to roller blades though. Are they going to be much different? And will I fall more often?

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    Inline skates will feel a bit more wobbly at first but that will go away. They are a lot faster.

    Inlines will be less prone to tripping over objects or disruptions in the skating surface. The larger, narrower, rounded wheels do that.

    You should actually fall less but you want to fall correctly. NEVER BACKWARDS, that is dangerous to your head.

    The key position is called the "ready" position. Knees and waist slightly bent so that your toes, knees, and toes are in a vertical line. Keep your elbows bent and your hands forward until you are past the wobbly stage.

    Keeping your knees bent and flexible will help a lot in many parts of skating.

    Your stride can stay the same at first but you will want to push more with your heel. As you get faster start setting down the glide skate more under your body before pushing out for the stride.

    You know you are getting comfortable on the inlines when you forget that you are on different skates and try to stop with the toe. (I know that one from experience and you never do that again).

    With increased speed comes an increased need for stopping well. The heel brake is much more effective than a toe brake but you need to use it right.

    Scissors your legs (a bent knee on the gliding foot really helps) so that the brake foot is completely ahead of the glide skate. The farther forward it is, the faster you can stop.

    Tilt the toe up on the braking foot until the brake touches the ground, then start putting your weight on the brake. As you get better the three steps will become one quick motion.

    The standard beginner's turn is called an "A" turn.

    With your feet shoulder width apart, twist your upper body in the direction you want to go. Your feet will follow. Shifting your weight between the heel and the arch will help them turn.

    As you get better, you will shift more to the "parallel" turn.

    You have to be moving fast to do it, the balance needs speed around the corner to hold you up.

    Shift your inside foot forward and have the skates almost inline. Lean into the corner and use the leading skate to guide into the turn.

    Look for a local skating club. There will be people there who can help you improve faster.

    Source(s): 15+ years of inline skating - Decades of occasional quad skating
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    yes they are like apples and watermelons. Rollerblades are "inline" which i believe are easier then roller skates. Roller skates are like miniature skateboards on each one of your feet. some people are good at it but i believe it is very difficult especially when switching from blading to skates because i have tried it and the motion you do to move is completely different. Also blades are like to for one because you always use blades for ice skating so it is just like switching weather. like winter for ice skating and summer for roller bladding which all the same except for blade and the wheel. Im not sure about going from skates to roller blades but i know going from blades to skates is quite difficult because skates are harder

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    well yeah, you most likely will fall because it's a big difference.... but you'll get use to it. roller blades have the wheels in a row compared to roller skates or have them bunch into four... so if you have good balance then you should be able to pick it right up. :)

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    I loved roller skating, used to do it on the streets and indoor.

    Rollerblades are like ice skating, not fun for me.

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    they are very similar but I think that roller blades are easier so I think you should switch over to roller blades.

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    well i think rollerblades are easier.

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