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realtors walked into my house without calling... R&S?

this happened yesterday but i am still fuming. i bought my current apt. through a realtor and they told me that if i didn't renew my lease, my apartment would go onto the market and then it would be subject to showing. i was fine with this because they told me they'd give me at least a 24 hour notice. realistic enough, right?

anyway on thursday, i was laying around watching tv when suddenly someone was forcefully trying to get in. i was really scared because i was the only one with a key to my apartment and the realtors said they'd call first. well a few seconds later, in walks the realtor and a family of 5 into my apartment. i was REALLY frustrated so i just left. this made me mad but i figured that maybe they really did call and i just forgot.

then YESTERDAY i had several members of my family in my apartment because it was new year's eve and we were having a late lunch. my door just OPENS, no knock or anything and then there's another realtor from the same company in my apartment with a different family. and this time the family had this little kid probably 5 or 6 who spilled coke onto my floor. and the worst part is they stayed for like 20 minutes talking about the apartment.

i complained to the realtor's company and they told me that they had every right to come into my apartment without notice; i told them they promised to give 24 hours notice and the lady on the phone flat out told me i was lying. i told her I'd change the locks and she told me that if i did that my lease would be terminated and i'd be homeless.

i'm VERY frustrated and i feel like my privacy has been violated and i do NOT want this happening again... do i have a case?

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    They should NOT be doing that. You need to look at your lease and see what it says about entry. Normally, it will say that they can't come in without notice unless there's an emergency (like a fire or burst pipe or something like that.) You said you didn't renew your lease, so that means you're on a month-to-month basis. Your old lease would still apply.

    What I would do (after informing the owner of the property of what's going on) is add a dead bolt on the inside. This won't keep them from coming in while you're out, but that won't be able to get in while you're there at least. You can't legally change your locks without giving the owner a copy of the key.

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    Not for nothing, but how can you buy an apartment, then be forced to sign a lease? If you buy something you own it, unless its been foreclosed on through nonpayment. If you rent something, you don't own it. If you sign a lease, you should have a copy. If it doesn't say they can come in any time they want, call the police and say there are trespassers in your domicile at the moment, and you want them removed immediately before they start threatening you. It helps if you are all alone, and tell the police that. Call the company to say next time please show a little courtesy to people who might do business with you once again. Put chain stop-locks on your doors, and use it. (Shorten then up if you can. Too much and they can reach around and grab the doorknob.)

    Or you could always do other things to set the realtor off. Play dumb. Play dead. Point out the leaks and rattles, and demand when the realty company is going to get around to fixing them. Get "frustrated" with the toilet that doesn't flush right in front of those passing through. Fall down the basement stairs and threaten to sue the company for not fixing "their" property. JK!! I'll tell you though, you certainly must have a nice home for that many people to come traipsing through!

    What this has to do with R&S, is beyond me. I'll be running along now. I think I've caused enough trouble....

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    Oh how VERY RUDE and Not very nice! I think you should get one of those under the door braces or door opener wedges and kick it under the door firmly so she can't even open the door if you are present.

    You SHOULD look up rental laws in your state. I can't understand why anyone would not give prior notice to a renter. WHat if you were asleep? What if you were like so many who live alone- and you walk around after a shower naked? What would the realtor think then? It would not be your fault someone got an eyeful.

    Check your state's renters rights.

    How RUDE.

    Get something under the door even if it's 'just a chair so she has to knock.... and learn to call ahead.

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    That happened to me already many years ago, only it was a house. I also was quite upset since I had 2 children and there were toys all over the place. They did apologize, though. No, they don't have EVERY right. It is still your apartment and they should call you first.

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    This would be a question for the police department or state's attorney. Laws are different in different areas. Law or not, courtesy and common sense would have one call. And if technically your rent is current, it would be like you owning the place till the rent is up, so they shouldn't be able to enter...but that is just the law where I live.

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    I don't know where you live, but where I'm from, 24 hour notices are the LAW. I'd contact the housing authority in your area and find out what they have to say about it.

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    The second line in your question states that you "bought" your apartment. Then you say you leased your apartment.


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    Put a bunch of Satanic symbols around the house

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Install a chain lock.

  • I would definitely talk to a lawyer about this! This doesn't sound legal at all!

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