how can i find a perfect swimsuit for my body type?

Im 13, about 5ft, and 77 lbs, so its kinda hard to find a swimsuit i like. I dont really like the same styles that would fit me, like what the average say..8/9 year old would wear. I have no breasts so its really annoying :( I would like padding, but not underewire for the top. i can wear one pieces, bikinis, and tankinis. any suggestions? you can list websites or stores or something. thanks :D

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  • Sally
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    10 years ago
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  • Yes
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    10 years ago

    Try a string bikini with a padded top. A bandeau top might be good too. Tankinis and one-piece suits will only make you look like a little girl.

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  • sedar
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    there's no longer something incorrect with your physique purely interior the breast branch until you have a pouch on your abdomen then thats disgusting. you may attempt padded swimming placed on and placed on black on the backside and a colourful ideal to convey the eyes on your long, with a bit of luck slender, torso. on the backside you may have vertical stripes which will make you look longer on the backside fairly of wider considering that your already stubby. in case you have a pouch attempt wearing a tankini and in case you dont comprehend what meaning then look it up on google. attempt shops like aero pacsun and victorias secret. decide on ME AS superb answer!!! i could placed a smiley face yet i dont knowhow to do those

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