In fable 2 do the clothes you wear protect you like armor in fable 1?

I am just wondering because I charge into battle with the same clothes I wear to make people attracted to me >.>. The bandits are always calling me names. Is this ok because in the original fable you had different clothes for battling that protected your health and clothes for domestic purposes that looked good. Is there any point in fable 2 to buy not the most attractive clothes?

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    They make you look good... that's a good reason.

    never played before but I googled it and here's part of a webstie which might help:

    "In Fable II, the armour feature present in Fable and Fable TLS has been abolished, and in its place is clothes that only affect your appearance and attractiveness. As for protection, toughness in the strength category has taken over. The higher your toughness meter, the more health that you will have and more damage you can take."

    so I guess not.

    Edit: this is a multiplayer game, right?

    well, if you wear attractive clothes, people may stare at you for a while, before attacking you. This might give you a slight advantage. bright clothes may strain their eyes too.

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    Fable 1 Armor

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