What are your thoughts on the name Rose Aurélia Lauren? BNG? More questions?

What do you think of Rose Aurélia(Or-ail-ya) Lauren? Suggestions?

What is your favorites list looking like at the moment?


Child 1:

~If you like Aurélia better than Amelia, you have a girl.

~If you like Amelia better than Aurélia, you have a boy.

Child 2:

~If you like Jude Micah Brendan better than Cole Joseph Nathaniel, you have a girl.

~If you like Cole Joseph Nathaniel better than Jude Micah Brendan, you have a boy.

Child 3:

~If you think Leah, Sage, Violet, & Rose would be a good sib-set, you have a girl.

~If you think Leah, Sage, Violet, & Rose would be too match-y, then you have a boy.

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    I adore Rose, and together I think Rose Aurélia Lauren makes a lovely combination, but I'm just not in love with Aurélia. I adore the way it looks, but the sound is just odd. I dislike it. Much prefer Amelia.

    My Name List, atm:

    • Elisabeth Lucille

    • Caroline Ruby

    • Esmé Charlotte

    • Rose Madeleine

    • Isobel Vivienne

    • Katherine Sophia

    • Juliet Amelia

    • Juliana Eve

    • Emmeline Violet

    • Benjamin Riley

    • Connor William

    • Austen Nathaniel

    • Lucas Holden

    • Jackson Hunter

    • Jonah Finley


    1. Benjamin Riley

    2. Connor William

    3. Elisabeth Lucille

    Fun :)

    ♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think Rose Aurelia Lauren is very pretty.

    Some of my favorites are:

    Nora Cathleen

    Carys Eve

    Catherine Elise

    Declan James

    Jude Elias

    Vincent Jeffrey


    Child 1: Declan James

    Child 2: Nora Cathleen

    Child 3: Jude Elias

  • MK
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Rose Aurelia Lauren- 10/10 It's a really beautiful and feminine name. I really like it. It sounds classy and timeless and suits all ages.

    My favourites:

    Violet Elizabeth

    Madelyn Alexandra

    Matilda Jane

    Victoria Bryn

    Bryn Michelle

    Keira Mae

    Elijah James

    Ezra Cole

    Brendan Avery

    Colton Jack

    Lachlan Patrick

    Jude Landry

    Benjamin Oliver





    Wow! We like a lot of the same names!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I love how Rose Aurélia Lauren looks, but I'm not sure I like how Aurélia sounds.

    My Favorites List:

    • Rowena Katherine Belle

    • Alice Victoria Jane

    • Viola Charlotte Grace

    • Eliza Madeleine Claire

    • Eleanor Victoria Kate "Nora"

    • Mathilda Rosaline Anna

    • Clara Madeleine Eloise

    • Bryn Charlotte __

    • Theodore Henry Charles "Theo"

    • James Donovan Luke

    • Heath Daniel Vincent

    • Sean William Patrick

    • Samuel Benjamin Rhys

    • Oliver Nicolas George

    • Grant Victor Dean


    • James Donovan Luke

    • Clara Madeleine Eloise

    • Theodore Henry Charles "Theo"

    -James, Clara, & Theo

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I quite like Rose and Aurélia, but Lauren is just too trashy, generic, and boring for my taste. Sorry!

    My favorites:

    Oliver August Jude

    Maxwell Everett Oscar (Max)

    Charles Emery Fletcher (Charlie)

    Emmett Alastair Finley

    Lucas Emerson Milo

    Nora Eloise Piper

    Ivy Ramona Harper

    Alice Helena Margo

    Phoebe Juniper Olive

    Rosalie Iris Adele (Rose)


    1. Boy--Oliver August Jude

    2. Girl--Nora Eloise Piper

    3. Boy--Maxwell Everett Oscar

  • 9 years ago

    I think its lovely. Aurélia Lauren Rose is gorgeous

    1) -

    Sienna, Evelyn, Alexa, Alicia, Elena & Serena.

    Lewis, Nathaniel, Elliot, Evan, Mason & Harvey


    Lewis Jared William

    Sienna Elizabeth Belle

    Alexa Evelyn Juliet


  • I think Rose Aurélia Lauren is very pretty. It's refreshing to see Rose in the first name position. Aurélia is gorgeous. Lauren is a little popular for me, but it fits in well.

    This is my favourites list currently but it's undergoing serious re-construction so it won't be this for long:

    Adelaine Piper Alice (Lainey)

    Matilda Esmé Joyce (Tilly)

    Phoebe Olivia Fern

    Anastasia Isabelle Ruby (Tansy)

    Lillian Alexia Eve (Lily)

    Elisabeth Lucia Iris (Elsie)

    Lorelai Isla Kate (Lo)

    Victoria Eilidh Hope (Tori)

    Charlotte Luna Simone (Charley)

    Aurora Winter Ivy (Rory)

    Jasper Leif Stephen (Jazz)

    Tobias Luca James (Toby)

    Hunter Gabriel Drew

    Casper Finnian Cole (Cas)

    Henry Isaiah Joel

    Ciarán Elijah Jace

    Nathaniel Jacob Elliott (Nate)

    Nicholas Loki Kyle (Nic)

    Oliver Patrick Seth (Ollie)

    Sebastian Felix Kane (Seth)


    Child 1 - Matilda Eilidh Joyce

    Child 2 - Jasper Stephen James

    Child 3 - Elaina Ruby Alice

  • grazia
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Alyssa Rose Lucas Miles Bellatrix air of secret Atticus Lucian i like them Alyssa Grace Lucas Miles Avalon Bellatrix Lucian Wesley Alyssa Paige Grace Phoebe Lucas Dean Miles Matthew Leo Wyatt Austin Myles Alex Scarlett Taylor Arabella

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I actually like...Aurelia Lauren Rose or Lauren Aurelia Rose hahaha, not a fan of Rose as a first name, too plain for my taste

    Reylin Blaire (ree-lyn)

    Nathaniel Tyler

    Troy Christopher

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't like it, sorry. How about Olivia Lauren Rose?

    Child 1: Austin James

    Child 2: Avery Kate

    Child 3: Mia Rose

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