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What would you label me???? (read description)?

I don't personally label myself but I just want to see what people would label me

if that makes sense!(probably doesn't)

Southpark is the best program ever

I listen to ACDA, Paramore, Arctic monkeys, Kings of leon, Breathe carolina, Cobra Starship, Guns and roses, Escape the fate,3OH!3, You me at Six, All time low, All ameircan rejects, The kooks. Razorlight, Hollywood undead, Bloodhound Gang, Black veil Brides, Bring me to the horizon, Bon Jovi, Tinie Tempah, Blondie, Killers, Rihanna, Kesha, We are the in crowd, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Vampire weekend, Katy Perry, metro station, Blink182 , radiohead, bruno mars, millionaires, Mcfly,muse, my chemical romance and ludo

80% of my wardrobe are skirts and dresses

Converse are my favorite shoes

My favorite actors are Adam sandler, Ben stiler, Vince Vogh, Kevin James (sorry for the bad spelling)


I love watching fashion video's on youtube

( for girls/guys who watch beauty guru's I don't like Juicystar07 but I like AllthatGlitters21)


Oh cool you have a channel

I'll subscribe :)

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    You sound like someone I could hang out with. Very cool and down to earth. Label... maybe a coolster? Lol

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  • almost normal ha idk i looooveeee allthatglitter21 blair tries to hard... :p ha

    Source(s): check me out too lol LissCanDoMakeup
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