125 predictions anybody?

U guys ready for tonite! Big night for lw division. As far as my winners for the fights I

care about, I think Marcus Davis sd jeremy, but that fight shuld b fight of the night bc Davis won't try to outrun Jeremy like guillard did. I also have tavraes tko'n

baroni. In addition I think grispi loses tonite against Dustin porire. Now that kid is a beast. I kno grispi is nasty to but I have a feeling. I think guida mauls Gomi into a 3rd or 2nd round sub. I think stun gun stuns Diaz by a solid 29 28 decision by employing the grappiling strategy Joe daddy used on him. In addition, I think vera beats thiago by tko. Just cause thiago has power but the technacil striking of Vera was tailor made fr a blitzkreg fighter like silva. N then the hard Part, I cannot decide the co main event. Bc tbh stann is th last fighter leben should be fighting rite now. Stann is a BIG 185er who fairly well rounded. I can see a suprising upset n a fall from grace of the top 10 rankings for leben. N the main event tho i think gray dominates Frankie n route to a 4946 decision. N a match up wit a heavily dangerous anthony pettis looms

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    The sun will rise tomorrow.

  • 9 years ago

    Gomi by 2nd round TKO. I think we'll see the return of the Pride era Fireball Kid.

    Diaz by decision. This will be a very close one.

    Silva by decision. He'll rush Vera and pick him apart for 3 rounds, or he'll catch him early and end it. Vera has a chance though.

    Leben by 2nd round KO. Stann will eventually get into a scrap and get knocked late in the second.

    Maynard by decision. Just like Frank has BJ's number. Gray has Frankie's. He'll set up slick take downs and heavy slams en route to a one sided decision.

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  • 9 years ago

    i think

    first of all Bruce Buffer will say and still

    frankie by ud 50to 45

    leben by ud 30to 27

    silva by tko 1st round

    Diaz by submission triangle chock 3 round

    29 to 28 gudia 28 to 29 gomi 29 to 28 for the winner by split decision Clay the Carpenter Guida

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