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What if America could depend on only America for Energy?

If we built all those Nuclear power plants like McCain said we should, and drilled for Oil and used more shale and coal. Our money wouldn't be paying for Terrorists orgs overseas and it could end terrorism. Why are we going backwards and destroying our energy in America funding more terrorism? Its total BS!

Global Warming is like a Terrorist Weapon!


I think Global Warming is the KEY to destruction of the world in favor to the Terrorists- like AlQaeda and Taliban. They are destroying us from within!

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    We would have to build a couple of nuke plants, and decriminalize hemp (which is a potentially HUGE source of energy).


    Yes, the terrorists are doing us harm from within, but we are really doing it to ourselves in our fear. I think increased security is great and necessary. I think the illusion of security we suffer today is foolish and dangerous.

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    during the 1973 oil embargo, america 'found' more oil by not burning it through conservation. If every car had 100-200 MPG, America would have enough oil production of its own.

    Spending hundreds of billions of $ every year to buy foreign oil (even Canada's) is not helping the economy, except is really helps Exxon. Even the CIA thinks this is a security issue, but the companies own the government.

    Global warming is another issue.. america's coal will not help

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    Agree, US is the Saudi Arabia of coal and natural gas. So of course we use foreign oil. The good news is that Canada and Mexico now make up the largest portion of that.

    I want energy independence as well.

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    The US would still rely on foreign countries. The US gets most of their uranium from places like Canada anyway.

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    We could build more nuke plants, drill for more oil, and cripple OPEC. They would lose all their power over us and we could finally ignore the middle east and let them fight with each other like they used to.

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    9 years ago

    China will simply buy up that oil - either way someone will buy that oil.

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    9 years ago

    That would be nice but politics and big biz won't allow it.

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