How do I make natural waves/this hair ?? Product?

I love natural hair like this -- but my hair always curls too much then if I brush it out it falls flat (I have natural straight hair) -- This hair looks defined/piecey/messy yet .. natural .. What products would I use to achieve this look?

Many Thanks!


Her hair also looks very volumized while mine doesn't stay at all ㅠㅠ

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    9 years ago
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    It's very simple try this.


    If you are using heat make sure you use heat protecting spray and you can use products like soothing serum for your hair to make it nice and soft just look for it at a salon or drug store, and you can also use freezing and styling sprays to make your hair stay in place for the whole day, before you use the styling spray wave you hair with a curler or straighter, watch the video below that says Heat, so you can get the effect.

    NO HEAT-

    Here are some steps if your not using heat

    add some serum in your damp hair/ a spray of your choice then you can french braid sections or your hair to get no heat waves/Curls you can leave the braid's in for 2 hours over night they will look beautiful and natural

    Hope I helped If you want further expantion watch this,

    Youtube thumbnail

    - NO HEAT

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=channel- HEAT

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    9 years ago

    Marc Dainels Rapid Curl,

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    9 years ago

    easy :)

    you need to use volumizing spray and beach curl spray.

    beach curls are always messy and look efortlessly gorgeous :)

    all you need to do is spray in you volumizing spray preferebly get a shampoo that volumizes your hair its much easier to use it just in the shower and then after you come out the shower get dressd and all then spray in your beach curls spray (toni and guy or rokk ebony are the best) and scruch your hair up. when it dries curly then use a straightner (GHD is best) and then do BIG curls so curl big chunks of your hair at a time and run your fingers through and hair spray it :)

    should do the job, hope i helped x

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    3 years ago

    i've got heard Mane N' Tail shampoo/conditioner works. Biotin or Fish Oil supplements.. i exploit Biotin and that i think of it works, plus my hair looks plenty fit. much less warmth and not dying hair frequently helps too.

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  • 9 years ago

    tease it alot at the top then curl it abit with a curling wand not a curling iron and shake it out messily :)

  • 9 years ago

    at night wash your hair. put it in a HIGH TIGHT bun while its wet. Sleep in it. Take it out in the morning and just tidy it up with your fingers. Put some hair spay on and ur done!:D

    Source(s): my experience;).
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    9 years ago

    you have to tease it, lol. you can also try putting mousse in it and ruffling it up.

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    9 years ago

    Natural ??? I think it's too hard to do ...

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