How to step by step hump a pillow?

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I have no idea at all so could you just take it STEP BY STEP like how to straddle it sitting up or laying down,how to rub back and forth, but mostly just how to straddle it and hold more
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fold the pillow (or a few pillows) in half or something so it can support your weight, then just get on top of it, spread your legs so the pillow is between your legs, and start going back and fourth lol i've tried it a few times

but humping the arm-rest on a couch is much better and easier!! :)
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  • Mohin Chandra answered 3 years ago
    why you use pillow instead of smooth fibre rod like my penies. you do better to take one rounded edge rod preferbly fiber or bay toy and put it in your vegina and give front and back motions. or other wise pl. contact over id. please I am also same poisition.


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  • martinmm answered 3 years ago
    happy new year
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  • Teresa answered 3 years ago
    HAHA never seen a question like THIS before!! HAHA ok so get on the pillow, straddle it, and them hump it, like your having sex!! Haha, well hope this helps!
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  • Shiznet answered 3 years ago
    put your arms in front of and do it in the running man motion and jump
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