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im a hypochondric... but this time i know there's something wrong - leukemia?

I believe that I have leukemia and currently, I'm trying to find a ride to the ER - so, wish me luck! Over the past two months I have been experiencing the following:

- My calf was cramping for about 2 weeks - no known cause.

- My feet (some times both) have been hurting for about 3 weeks - no known cause.

- I have been bruising very easily on my lower body.

- My shoulders and other parts of my body feel like a light bruise when touched.

- I have dark circles under neath my eyes - I smoke a lot of MEDICAL marujuana (card due to pain)

- I feel weak and lifeless....

That's it in a nutshell, though I'm sure I'm leaving out something.

I'm only 20 years old - female.

I had a CBC a little over a month ago and it came out normal.

My thyroid levels and pap came back normal, too...

I do have protein in my urine which is sometimes a sign of luekemia.

I feel like when I finally get proof that I have this diesease it's going to be too late for me...

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    Please do not go tie up the ER even more than it will be already tonight with New Year's Eve idiots! You will sit for hours upon hours and will probably be exposed to God knows what illness wise and who knows what you will see as far as people coming in. I can pretty much guarantee that you will not get a good reception by the doctors and nurses who HATE nights like this (with good reason).

    You said it yourself, you are a hypochondriac. Have you been to see a psych doc to find out WHY you are so fixated on the fact that something is wrong with you? Even if it WAS leukemia like you think, it wouldn't be diagnosed in the ER. They are there to save lives and stabilize people. You are much better off waiting til Monday and seeing your regular doctor and asking for a psych referral.

    You could have a simple bladder infection causing the protein in the urine. The medical Maryjane could be making you more paranoid.

    How about staying home and staying online instead of an unnecessary trip to the ER.

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    People like you make me sick.

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    None of your symptoms are urgent. Leave the emergency room for true emergencies, and call your regular doctor on Monday.

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