What skills and How old for website design?

Well I'm early Teen, I would like to start my own Business in website design, But I'm not sure where to get started, nor what skills I'll need. When I was young, I messed around using Piczo.com/ webs.com/ Moonfruit.com/ Blogspot.com and others like that. So I have abit prior knowledge to Designs, I also don't know where I'll host the website. I need to know what age I'll have to be, What skills I'll need, Costs, How much I could charge, what website to make the websites on. Thanks :) 10 points for best answer. No answers like 'Your to young'

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  • 9 years ago
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    First off your not "too young" matter of fact you have the attitude and thinking most people in Forbes had at your age before they made there first million by 21 years old..

    Seriously just start with a good book.. get your *** down to borders and read like I do.. I just sit and read everything.. all the information you need is at the book store.. check out the for dummies books as they arent for dummies there good straight to the point overviews and from there dig deeper into specified books..

    web design has a lot to do with photoshop and programming.. your going to want to get into some dreamweaver to save your time making sites but programming will help for advanced things like social networks.. need html, php, css, javascript knowledge.. its very easy to learn although intimidating.. I was very intimidated but learned it all in 3 months

    for costs.. charge nothing for the first 10-20 good sites.. thats your portfollio.. then build your website with fancy looking display and host your portfollio.. I recommend bluehost.com for your web hosting site.. they are cheep for all the unlimited **** they give you.. domains cost 2 dollars these days at godaddy

    once you got your portfolio start charging $50-100 per 3-5 pages

    here where you make the money.. advertise your services and website with your new Search Engine Optimization knowledge you will eventually pick a book up on..

    and the money start with hard work and dedication.. head out around the block to your local businesses and find the little guys (small businesses) who don't have a webpage.. ask for the owner.. show off your portfolio.. leave a business card.. do it over and over

    down the road you will get more clients and more work.. some companies are charging $1000-$2000 dollars down the road... the secret to how much to charge is a matter of what number keeps work coming in at a good rate where you don't have to much work.. and not to little work.. but just right amount of work.. supply and demand.. if you have 100 people requesting a website jack the price.. no one interested.. lower it :)

    best wishes.. and btw.. people are jealous and will tell you, you cant do ****.. tell them to go **** themselves ;)

  • g'kar
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    9 years ago

    Your never too young to learn. Also you can become a web designer that doesn't cost a penny in regards to editors both HTML and photo. You don't need Dreamweaver it's just hype. Something like Coffeecup HTML editor or even at first notepad to make you learn the coding is a good start. You have only to need very basic HTML these days but you have to really learn CSS which isn't too difficult. Also learning Javascript is a great advantages. You can learn all these over at http://w3schools.com

    As for the graphics I find photoscape a free editor really useful. The hosting part of it, well your clients would pay for that. Like the other answerer said you will need a portfolio.

  • 5 years ago

    Professional designers think about the big picture. They create a visual language for your brand that is consistent across different contexts. Your website, logo, business cards, and even your Twitter profile have to form a coherent whole. Brands that have a consistent visual language make a more memorable impression than those that look like five different side businesses. Responsive design is a web design and development technique that creates a site or system that reacts to the size of a user’s screen. Responsive design will optimize a user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page, optimized for the device that is accessing it.

  • 5 years ago

    Your never too small to master. Also you can develop into a web designer that does not cost a dime when it comes to photography HTML and publishers equally. That you don't require Dreamweaver it really is just nonsense. Something such as Coffee cup HTML editor if not at-first notepad to make you study the coding is a great start. Nowadays you have and then require quite basic HTML but you have to truly understand CSS which will be too easy.

    Check more : https://www.linkedin.com/company/las-vegas-brandin...

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  • Raysor
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    9 years ago

    The younger the better. Seems. though, you are putting the cart before the horse. How can you ask about a charging structure before you have learnt how to do the job. Try and make some websites for family and friends, free of charge. Read books, join forums.Learn HTML, PHP etc. If you are any good then you will be surprised how much and how quickly you will learn.

  • 3 years ago

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