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Is it true that American Jews/ Zionists represent only 2% of U.S population?

So how come they are so powerful?


Christian Zionism is a new religouse movment created in 1960 something. Zionism itself is no more then 110 yrs; Islam est did Jesus appear 110 yrs ago and told u to start believing in Jewish Zionsim or is it the media owned by Zionists feeding u; lies to become their lap dog; the problem most cant quantify; is Jewish Zionist own the U.S; The U.S Federal reserve bank is actually a private bank that owned by Jewish bank cartel; The last media mogul who was christian was Ted Turner and he sold Cnn to Zionist owned Time Warner in 1997 ever since all MS media is Zionist brainwashing dumb Americans that if Jesus is to come we have to make Israel into a hated war mogering nation. Nothing but slaves; Links is positions and names of all Zionist Jews who control the U.S

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    AIPAC, the interest group that every politician will bow to despite AIPAC committing treason against the US by spying for Israel. It consistently ranks in the top three most powerful interest groups in the country and boasts a wide variety of people who support it, including anti-Semites such as John Hagee. They are a shady group that will ally with anyone, including Christian Millennialists who believe a Second Holocaust must happen for Jesus to rule the earth. These people believe that Israel needs to exist for the End Times to occur, citing a misinterpreted verse from the Book of Daniel. If the National Council of La Raza allied with people who were buds with the Klan, that wouldn't make much sense now, would it? But AIPAC is the shadiest interest group we have besides the NRA.

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  • Mobius
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    Yes, they're only 2% of the US population. In fact, they're only around 0.2% of the world's population. Yet they win more than 20% of Nobel Prizes. Is the Nobel Prize committee composed of lap dogs? Is the theory of relativity a Jewish conspiracy? Good thing the Nazis thought so, because that helped them lose the race to build a nuclear bomb, and ultimately WWII.

    Jews have a culture of hard work, learning, and achieving. You need someone to blame for your failures. Someone must have STOLEN your success, and it might as well have been the Jews, because they have so much of it.

    The only lap dogs are those who lap up the crap at jewwatch as if it's mother's milk. In reality, it's more like putting your brain in a blender. Grow up. You'll do a lot better if you take responsibility for your problems and deal with them constructively.

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    Good morning!

    My write-up for today’s sermon promised THE answer to every question.

    Let me begin by giving you the answer immediately.

    What is the answer to every question? Well, it depends.

    Ah, the groans go up.

    Some of you are thinking that I just “copped-out” on the issue. Others will recognize that I have, indeed, just given you the answer to every question, which is: It depends.

    That response works for a variety of reasons, and I want to speak to some of them today.

    One of the things I want to keep in the back of my mind, and suggest you keep in the back of yours, is the dictum of Socrates that every statement should be treated as a question.

    The first reason that the, “It depends” response “works” is that it is true.

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    There are more Zionists than there are Jews. I'm Catholic, and I'm probably more of a Zionist than many of my Jewish friends.

    If you're asking why a disproportionate number of Jews rise to positions of respect and power, it is most likely due to the importance placed on education in their culture. I hope that explains things, Herr Obergrupenfuehrer.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    >implying that because isreal is a hotly debated topic in the US makes them powerful.

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