What would cause a fear of drinking alcohol?

Would having someone in your family who is an alcoholic cause a fear of drinking alcohol? Because my dad is an alcoholic, and I'm deathly afraid of drinking alcohol.

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    10 years ago
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    Well you are afraid you're turn into your dad if you drink. Don't feel like you have to drink. My dad was an alcoholic, yet I think I'm pretty responsible drinker. Sure, I've gotten drunk plenty of times, but I never feel as if I need a drink.

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    10 years ago

    You don't need us. You just answered your own question.

    Answer: "Because my dad is an alcoholic.."

    Keep in mind, that's probably one of the HEALTHIEST fears a person can have. Definitely not a fear worth overcoming.

  • 10 years ago

    Answer: responsibility and sensibility. I am also the son of an alcoholic. I used to drink, when I was at that age where basically everybody does. After realizing that I have poor self control of alcohol, which is a stark contrast to my normal, overall self control, I decided that drinking wasn't for me. Watching my father ruin his life helped too, a lot.

    I wouldn't think of it as a fear of drinking alcohol. You've just been made more aware of the dangers of it, than a lot of people are able to be. Statistically, children of alcoholics are more likely to become alcoholics themselves....but are also more likely to abstain from drinking. Meaning alcoholism in the family = you generally drink more than average, or less than average, there is less middle ground, and more deviation than those in families with no alcoholism.

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