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When.. How.. If Ur very understanding read this please ?

Ok I've been all over yahoo asking if I should tell my mom and things like that.... If u don't know what I'm talking about... Ok-> 3 months ago I did something illegal for 4 weeks but I got scared and disgusted and I wasn't really thinking when I PUT MY CELL PHONE NUMBER ON A WEBSITE THAT I CANT EVEN REMEMBER IT'S NAME AND asked to sex.... I only sent like 3 pictures and they were copy and pasted off of porn sites... And now months later after u quit doin it... I havent told my momm and I get illegal texts every day! I hate my self so much that ive been trying to commit suicide because I put my family in danger so here comes my questions 1.HOW SHOULD I TELL HER? yesterday I had her all to my self but she was so happy I couldn't do it.. She bought us a fish and she was very happy and she hates people how do obnoxious, or illegal things things so she's gonna hate me!! SHOULD I TELL HER WHEN SHE'S HAPP OR MAD OR JUST OUT OF THE BLUE THROUGH A TEXT ON THE PHONE? And 2.WHAT SHOULD I SAY??!!!!! lie or the truth if truth what do I say so she dosent go on the website and see the horrible dirty things I put?!!!! 3.IF YOU CAN'T ANSWER ANY OF THESE CAN YOU JUST TELL ME AM I A BAD PERSON? DOSE IT REALLY MEAN I HATE MY FAMILY IF I PUT THE IN DANGER!!???? Oh and 4. If I get this straitened out and my number changed.. My numbers still out there so dose that mean people can still come to our house?!

THANK YOU!! IM 12btw

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    if your phone is the source of the problem, then why dont you break your phone "accidentally". drop it in water. pretend to lose it and then proceed to smash it or bury it or throw it in a gutter-be creative... u dont need to tell her if u can fix it urself and forget about it. and dont commit suicide. theres people out there with real problems. and no, u cant be tracked down like that from ur phone and people cant go to ur house like that. no one would even go through that trouble ayways.

    Source(s): i say just get rid of the fone. be creative. lose it or break it, then tell ur mum u dont want one for a while of get a new number. simple as that. let me know what you do!!
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