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Have you ever actually met anyone named John Doe?

I have never, nor Jane Doe.

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    John Doe of Alpharetta, Ga., who died in 2006, was a loan officer who reported that medical personnel kept popping in on him when he was hospitalized, expecting to find a publicity-shy celebrity in his room.

    New York State also has had its share of John Does. New York City’s Department of Records shows one John Doe of Brooklyn, who married Frances P. Worth in 1885 [pdf]. lists a World War I draft card [pdf] for another New Yorker named John Doe on Avenue B.

    Voter registration records show seven John Does currently on the rolls in New York State in addition to Mr. Doe, who is a Democrat.

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    That's because it's a pseudonym for dead people. But there is a Chinese restaurant by my house called Doe John restaurant. Kinda gross, but I don't think they know any better.

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