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i have been in a relationship for 5 years. at first everything was wonderful. Then i began to notice things.?

i realized he was increasingly jealous. he had no worry. but if i said something about a female being a little too friendly, the answer i received was "well, baby you wouldn't want a man no one else wanted would you" ? As time went on, he can be fine one minute then furious at me the next. He had threaten to slap me numerous times, but didn't do it. { i think mainly because my father found out some things he said, and sent him a very straight message } There is a 22 year age difference between us. I am 45. I hear about it a lot because i "disrespect him". I'm to the point i just tell him to shut it up, because i don't want to hear it anymore. My confidence is bottomed out. { my boss at work even talked to me about thinking about myself more, and not being so afraid to mess up on everything,} I have never talked with her or anyone at work about this. I look in the mirror, and i don't see the old me anymore. I used to laugh all the time. He tells me it's because I'm going though menopause. I truly think I have just been yelled at so much. I'm afraid to break it off be cause we are in a business together and i am already almost broke. he does help me out financially, but complains about it if he gets mad at me. { I never ask for help} I can't do hard manual labor now due to a brain injury/stroke. but i work 3 part time jobs, to try to be independent. He was a horrible alcoholic, but hasn't drank in 22 years. he tells me the 'isim" is what makes him jealous, and makes him get so upset. i just don't believe it. A few weeks ago we got into over something minor and it turned bad. I tried to leave, but he wouldn't let me. He ended up pulling my hair, then smacked me in the jaw. I have not told anyone. I need advice.

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    He is abusive and manipulative. It will only get worse and he will get more control over you. He has already destroyed your confidence. He will separate you from your support system and be even more destructive. Make an escape plan. It could take months but youMUST leave.

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    I would move out for a little while. If he gennuly loves you then he will try to make it better. If he keeps threating you, get out forever. If he touches you, get a RESTRAINING ORDER.

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