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what is better pc or mac?

My 11 year old daughter wants a computer to play Sims2 go on facebook access other web sites and games. For great quality and graphics. But which company should I go with and what kind of computer should i go with. (like vista or ibook etc.)

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    I have a MacBook Pro just bought it and I love it. Virus free, clean and easy to use operating system. I've used a PC my whole life and thought the switch would be terrible but it wasn't. It's so easy but it can be more expensive. Mac's can run games despite what people say (if you are a hard core gamer, then you wouldn't buy a mac you would buy a pc that can handle bigger games with increased memory, but these laptops i'm describing to you are beyond what the average person owns, and can easily be priced upwards of $1500).

    For media purposes, pictures/video/music and everyday games, mac is hands down your best option. HOWEVER, this is for an 11 year old? If money isn't an issue, go with the mac. Also, with macs i've noticed they will last you longer. Battery power is amazing, and in five years from now you will still be able to use it although by then you may consider purchasing a new one. :P

    You have to remember you wan't your daughter to be safe on the internet and god knows the internet is full of viruses. But if money is tight, and if this is an issue of money, then go with the pc.

    Both can support great graphics and vibrant colours :D

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    9 years ago

    Mac pro. But I wouldnt give that high quality computer to an 11 year old just because I don't think kids are responsible enough. So I'd go with a pc. 

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    1. Apple is one of the almost-unrivalled worldwide trend makers

    2. Mac can run Windows natively

    3. Mac OS X can survive for weeks without the need of rebooting

    4. Apple gives the customer the best support – survey said

    Closing: One reason why PCs are better than Mac

    Only one company makes Macs while who knows how many are producing PCs (the hardware). So I think it would be logical that people could find (or build) PCs (the hardware) in any configuration and budget imaginable. That side of the PC world could not be competed by Mac.


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    All you pay for when you buy a Mac is the logo. You can get twice the computer for half the price if you go Windows. People who say macs don't get viruses are idiots. Why do stores sell antivirus software for Macs? They DO get viruses. They DO crash (more than Windows), and they are very slow and terrible for gaming.

    Source(s): I am a graphic artist, worked on Mac computers for 10 years now and I will never ever own one. They are unreliable junk. We have state of the art Macs at work and my 2 year old Windows computer at home blows the doors off all the Macs we have at work in every way.
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    There seems to be a wider variety of games available for PC, and they seem easier to play. I prefer mac, as it's SOOOOOOOO much easier to use. The graphics are great, and it is less common to get viruses. I feel that the internet is much easier with a mac, as you have the "airport" for wireless connections. Using the cord for internet is really simple too. You can find heaps of games online for mac, but its harder to find CDs that support mac instead of PC. I have a MacBook - the laptop - which I LOVE, and I would recommend one straight away.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a 15 year old girl :)
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    9 years ago

    I'd go for the cheaper PC that does more than the overpriced mac..Forget about mac if you are into games

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    In my opinion, PC's are much better. They are easier to use and much more versatile. Dell does this really neat thing when you go on their website, you can choose what the computer will be mostly used for (i.e. games or messaging or photos and music, etc.) and it will recommended computers for you.

    Source(s): I'm a 16 year old girl and I love my PC!
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    9 years ago

    I'd say the mac is but the pc is a ton cheaper. The macs almost never get viruses unlike the pc.

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    9 years ago

    My opinion would be a mac for the best. But a pc isn't that bad either

  • 9 years ago

    Macs are faster, better stronger,

    PC's waiting extra longer.

    And I got faster download

    I got faster download

    Macs R fast there is no wait,

    I got faster downlo-oad

    PC's in the Pla-ace

    If your computer's got you down,

    Heeeead to an Apple sto-ore

    And buy youself a mac.

    My answer: Macs win, and P.S. I hate the black eyed peas

    Source(s): i have a macbook and it pwns
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