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Foreign Rulers - What profit or benefit to India ?

Recently the British prime minister, American President, France president, Chinese president and Russian prime ministers visited India.

We welcomed them, we discussed them, and we extended our hospitality. it is okay since it is our tradition and culture. It is sure that they did not come to see india and its rich cultures. Then what was their motivation of visiting ? In what way we are benefitted ?

Did they come for commercial purposes or otherwise ?

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    Good Q.

    Obama had clear plans to sell his weapons, and analysed the business option like in IT industry.

    French Premier came to sell the Nuclear Plant machineries - Biggest Nuke to be set up in Rajastan ( Environment minister Ramesh approved the land without even consulting the local habitats ).

    British prime came to check re emphasis the US stands.

    Chinese Prime came to fool around stating partner, but sold nukes and weapons to Pak after his visit to India.

    Russian Medvedev - yes bilateral agreement - but i donot know how the ruling govt will accept and proceed.

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    Mr sendhil sir explained well. They came to sell their goods. No profit but loss to india.

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