Does anyone know what happened at the end of the show King of Queens?

someone said Carrie & Doug got that true?!? what happened at the end of the series? k thanx

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    The last three episodes are one big mega-story

    (Probably the best story telling from the entire series).

    Manhatten Project

    Season 9, Episode 11

    Carrie wants to move to an apartment in Manhattan, but Doug wants to stay in Queens. Their impasse makes them realize they have very different ideas about their future, with Carrie ultimately moving to the apartment without Doug. Meanwhile at the senior center, Arthur encounters Ava St. Clair, an old singer whom he trains and eventually becomes engaged to.

    Single Spaced

    Season 9, Episode 12

    Doug and Carrie consider adopting a baby after they get marriage counseling from their priest and run into friends who recently had a child. But, while Doug holds up his end of the bargain, and gets a new job, Carrie secretly keeps the apartment.

    China Syndrome

    Season 9, Episode 13 (hour long finale)

    To make a long story short,

    Ava leaves Arthur because he's NOT gay (um..what??),

    so Arthur marries a woman he just met in a bathroom.

    (I'm not making this up!!!)

    Doug and Carrie fly to China, on the same flight, but seperately; each of them wishing to adopt a Chinese baby for themselves.

    They patch up their relationship in mid-flight, and adopt the baby together.

    After coming home, Carrie finds out that she is pregnant.

    Fast forward one year.

    Doug and Carrie are busy with two small crying children in their living room. Arthur comes in with a suitcase, announcing that "it didn't work out".

    and scene.

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