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How do you gain access to grandfathered web domain you made in the 90's?

I have a few domains I made in 1995 around when the internet wasn't as popular and it was free to make domains. About a week ago I checked them, just for fun, and they still have the original webpage I put in 1995 when I was just a kid. I also check the whois information for my domains and they still have my first name and my brother’s first name but a different mail address. Back in the day the internet publishing software used the name of the computer and we never put in a mailing address as the owner of the domain and because the computers name was my first name and my brother’s first name (His name is Jesus but its registered as jesse-what he went by) we can’t gain access.

Is there anyone out there that knows anything about the laws of grandfathered domains or what I should do to gain access back to my domains? The support of the registrars said that we did not have enough proof that it was our domains but the domains are not even being used by anyone because we own them but can’t get access to them. We are writing a letter to corporate of the registrar that is hosting our domains and trying our best to gain access back to our domains.

Besides the letter to dotster I really don’t know what to do. I don’t know what happen when they switched from free domains to domains being worth money. Why do I even still own my domain? I can’t find any helpful information to read on what happen between 1995 and now that helps explain how to gain access to my domain or the grandfathered in law about domain names.

The email address registered on my dotster account is an email made by a domain we made in 1995 and now we don’t have access to that email. It was a redirect from itself to a hotmail account from windows 95/98.

What do I do? Someone help me please…

These people keep giving me the run around.

Please email me at with more information or reply here. I just feel that the little guy is going to get scr**ed again.

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    10 years ago
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    Find who is hosting or the registering agent. If you have all of your original info you can call the hosting company and change your information. I find it hard to believe that they are hosting your website for 15 years for free, but if they are thats great. I suspect they will want to start charging you once you change info.

    Try going to Godaddy and see if the domain can be bought.

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