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Please explain the issues of the Martha Stewart case? Should she have been sentenced to jail?

Can you please write as much as you can.

Thank you very much!

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    Fast Facts: Martha Stewart Timeline - Business And Money ...

    [Mar 4, 2005] Fast Facts: Martha Stewart Timeline. Friday, March 04, 2005 ... — On July 16, 2004, U.S. District Court Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum sentenced Stewart to five ... - Cached.

    Martha Stewart's Insider Trading Case: A Practical ...

    ... background for Stewart's case. Part I lays out the facts ... determine the "facts and circumstances" courts ... Thomas, Jr., Martha Stewart Settles Civil Insider-Trading Case, N ... - Cached - Fast Facts: Case Against Martha Stewart ...

    Fast Facts: Case Against Martha Stewart, ... The government's case against Martha Stewart and stockbroker Peter Bacanovic covered 14 days of testimony and included 21 ...,2933,112077,00.html - Cached

    Martha Stewart Case: Where's the Victim?

    Martha Stewart Case: Where’s the ... material facts from shareholders. Martha Stewart’s ... The civil courts are the place to redress such grievances. But Stewart ... - Cached

    Federal court upholds Martha Stewart conviction - Jan. 6, 2006

    Stewart could appeal her case to the Supreme Court, but it's extremely unlikely that such ... no earth-shaking issues other than the fact that she's Martha Stewart ... - Cached

    Martha Stewart at federal court for first day of trial - CNN

    Martha Stewart arrived in federal court Tuesday for the first day of her ... for proclaiming her innocence in the case ... The defense also can't say that the fact Stewart ... - Cached

    [PDF] FindLaw - Martha Stewart's Criminal Conviction Upheld by ...

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    MARTHA STEWART and PETER BACANOVIC, Defendants ... to Fed. R. Crim. P. 29, the District Court granted Stewart's ... On the facts of this case, where the object of the ...


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    ... a detailed account of the facts of the case. We summarize only those facts most ... Beam filed a derivative action in the Court of Chancery against Martha Stewart, the five ...


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    I believe these are the fact, but it should be available online: she was formerly a trader on the stock exchange; therefore, was intimately familiar with the laws; she received inside information and acted on it by selling about $40,000.00 in stock; she was convicted of insider trading

    it appears that being sentenced to prison was rather severe under the circumstances, others get probation for more serious violations

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