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What are the usual positions?

For a Special Forces team like a squad in Rangers and Delta Force stuff like that.

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    18A - SF Detachment Commander. Training includes teaching the officer student the planning and leadership skills he will need to direct and employ other members of his detachment, as well as an overview of all CMF 18 skills. Length of training: SFQC - 24 weeks, Language Training - 17 to 23 weeks, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) school - 3 weeks, + Infantry Officer Advanced Course (if not already taken).

    18B - SF Weapons Sergeant. Training includes tactics, anti-armor weapons utilization, functioning of all types of U.S. and foreign light weapons, indirect fire operations, man-portable air defense weapons, weapons emplacement, and integrated combined arms fire control planning. Length of training: SFQC - 24 weeks + Language Training - 17 to 23 weeks = 47 weeks.

    18C - SF Engineer Sergeant. Training includes advanced field engineering skills, field fortifications, use of explosives for both sabotage and demolitions, and construction of buildings and bridges. Length of training: SFQC - 24 weeks + Language Training - 17 to 23 weeks = 47 weeks.

    18D - SF Medical Sergeant. Training includes advanced medical procedures, which consist of trauma management, surgical, dental and veterinary procedures. The Special Forces medic is also an integral part of civic action programs, which bring medical treatment to native populations. Length of training: SFQC - 53 weeks + Language Training - 17 to 23 weeks = 76 weeks.

    18E - SF Communications Sergeant. Training includes installation and operation of Special Forces high-frequency and burst communications equipment, antenna theory, radio wave propagation, and communications operations, procedures and techniques. Training culminates with an around - the - world communications field performance exercise. Length of training: Advanced International Morse Code (AIMC) - 8 weeks + SFQC - 24 weeks + Language Training - 17 to 23 weeks = 55 weeks.

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