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Questions for Subaru owners?

I have never owned a subaru, but I am seriously considering the purchase of one. Im looking at the legacy and outback mostly, but I am willing to consider any model. I will probably want to buy a used one, maybe something about 3 or 4 years old with less than 50,000 miles. I have some friends who own subaru's, and they all speak very highly of them. They say that they are very reliable, and that they perform very well driving on snow covered roads. I plan for this vehicle to be used mostly by my wife to travel back and forth to work. We live in an area that has many rural roads, many mountains, and at times, we do have quite a bit of snow.

What should I know before going shopping for one?

What advice would you give a friend who asked you this question?

She has had a vehicle with a manual transmission for a long time, and she is getting tired of shifting gears, so is the subaru automatic trans pretty durable, or should we "stick with the stick"?

Are the fuel mileage estimates given by the dealer fairly accurate or have you discovered a difference?

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    Subarus are great cars. I've been driving them for 20+ years. If you're going to buy one used, have your mechanic check it out (good advice for any used car). There were a few model years when the head gaskets were prone to failure. Find out the maintenance history of any prospective used Subaru purchase with regard to the head gaskets, and ask your mechanic to test them.

    Both of mine were manual transmission cars, I can't speak to the automatic question. As far as fuel economy goes: I tend to do better than the sticker estimates. But that's probably due to my driving habits.

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  • Anonymous
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    the head gasket issue was resolved in 2002-2003. since then no issues with them. subarus all wheel drive is very sensitive. make sure all the tires have the same pressure and that one tire is not in worse shape than the others. that can ruin the center differential and that gets pricey. gas milage wont be the same as a front wheel drive due to it being full time all wheel. they are very very safe vehicles. built with quality, and hold a higher resale value. if buying used, check the shape of the tires. most of the time, that is the only thing to worry about when buying used. subarus run a long long time. my neighbor has a 86 wagon with over 450,000 miles on it. starts first try, and runs like a champ, he wont get rid of it because of that reason.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm on my second Subaru, and I am thoroughly satisfied with them. I've had my Subaru Outback since 2006, and both last year and this December got caught in unexpected snow storms with bad roads. I got through just fine by being careful and using low gear. BTW, one of these storms caught me in rural Pennsylvania and the only road choices were winding, hilly back roads.

    Both of mine have been automatic transmissions. Mileage estimates have been in line with what has been planned. My prior vehicle was a Legacy sedan, and the only reason I traded it in was because of hauling standard poodles to dog shows. (The dogs fit better in the wagon)

    One thing to check is what the gas recommendation is on any used Subaru. Mine, purchased in 2006, is one of the few that take Premium gas, which is more costly. All of the newer models, since 2010, all take regular gas - so just be aware of that.

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  • doyan
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    3 years ago

    I particularly plenty trust Michael, different than i do no longer comprehend which Subaru you're speaking approximately. there's a 2.5i wagon for the Outback, Legacy and Impreza. i will communicate with reference to the Outback from journey and the Legacy by way of similarity. The passenger area is same, yet you will discover the get entry to to the rear area by way of a hatch so plenty extra handy than utilising a trunk. i stumbled on that I intestine basically what the window decal suggested so a great way as mileage, alongside with 28-30 MPG on the line and 22-23 MPG around city. i do no longer think the vehicle is a California-qualified ULEV (extremely Low Emission vehicle), because of the fact the Honda's are. ( do see the declare, "Meets the strictest emissions standards for gas engines while equipped to fulfill the California Partial 0 Emission vehicle generally happening, regardless of the certainty that I haven't any theory what which capability.) The Legacy and Outback are very risk-free autos in the two twist of destiny avoidance and crash risk-free practices, as they're rated tops in crash risk-free practices by way of NHTSA and IIHS, so this might help save your coverage fees down, yet we haven't any way of understanding what you will would desire to pay. i like the vehicle very plenty. i'm interior the very extraordinary place of having bought 2 Outbacks in under a twelve months. I basically had to get the 6-cylinder. although, rather of identifying to purchase for and merchandising in the two.5i, I exceeded it directly to my 33 twelve months previous daughter. i replaced into better than chuffed with the vehicle and extremely useful in its risk-free practices and different attributes so as that I knew she does no longer be getting "caught" with a awful motor vehicle. i think of the two.5i Outback is an magnificent motor vehicle. i think of the three.0 is a extra useful one, yet the two.5i continues to be an magnificent motor vehicle. :-)

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  • 9 years ago

    i have just gotten my first ever subaru (Forester) its the best decision i have ever made. I have also drove Rav4 and CR-V. Recently we had a snow blizzard in New York, about 20+inchs. The Forester was a life saver. Driving on mixture of Snow, Ice, and Slush was a breeze.

    P.s. Stay away from Honda CRV does very poorly in heavy snow. My boss owns one.

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