ASAP Can you please help me? (Creative Artist Agency questions)?

I am really interested in becoming an actress. I hear CAA or creative artist agency is the best agency around. I can find much info on their site so do you think it would be a good idea to call them and tell them i am interested????


I do have experience in the acting feild so it isnt like i'm a new person to acting

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    CAA, ICM, William Morris/Edeavors are all agencies upper tier agencies, that don't help build actors, but help the ones that are already established. They want actors that already have credits, experience, and training.

    Lower tier agencies, such as Abrams, Savage, CESD, etc. help build actors, and it is more acceptable if you don't already have a long list of credits.

    I would first try and build your resume and gain some experience by doing community theatre, school plays, and local gigs. Then you need to search for a few local agencies in your area. After you've found a reputable agency, you need to put together your resume. Include all community theatre, school plays etc.

    After you put together your resume, you need to take a few snapshots. Professional pictures or headshots are not neccessary until you get an agent. When taking snapshots you want a clear picture, up against a white wall, with no distractions. No people in backgroud. No shirts with patterns, stripes ect.

    Then you need to send your snapshots and resume to the agency by email or hardcopy, depending on their preference.

    After you have gained some experience in your local market, you will use these same steps to get an agent in a bigger market (i.e Los Angeles, New York, Chicago etc.)

    BTW, if you are underaged it is ABSOLUTELY NESSECARY to have your parents support. A lot of time and effort will be needed, and the only way you will be able to do that is with parent support.

    Here are a few LA youth agents you can send your material (pictures and resume) to, AFTER you have gained some experience in your local market. Send them your snapshots and resume by hardcopy and "ATTN" there names:

    Los Angeles (Acting/Commercial Print)-

    Abrams Artist- Jeremy Apody (Commercial) Wendi Green (Theatrical)

    Buchwald- Chrissy Eaden (Commercial) Pamela Fisher (Theatrical)

    Coast to Coast Talent- Meredith Fine (Head of Kids/Teen Division) Tana Loy (Print)

    Sydel Lisi Hand (Commercial)

    Clear Talent Group- Jody Alexander (Head of Kids/Teen Divison- *You may send her an email*

    Diverse Talent Group- Jayson Kinslow (Commerical) Robin Nassif (Head of Kids Division

    Ford Models- Idalia (Assitant- Cactus (Print- Natalie Smith (Teen 5' 7" and up- *You may send them an email*

    CESD Talent- Carol Lynn Sher (Head of Kids/Teen Division)

    DDO Agency- John (Head of Kids/Teen Division) Austin (Assitant)

    AKA Talent- Julie Fulop (Head of Kids/Teen Division) Sarah (Assitant- *You may send Sarah an email*

    Osbrink Agency- Dawn Osbrink (Commercial) Aysha (Assitant) Emily Urbini (Theatrical)

    Savage Agency- Jennifer Boyce (Head of Kids/Teen Division)

    AEF Talent- Milton Perea (Head of Kids/Teen Division- Nicole Jolley (Co-Head of Kids/Teen Division- Assitant ( *You may send them an email*

    LA Models/Talent- Sarah Fletcher (Commercial/Print- Dana K. (Print- Taylor Dwyer (Acting- *You may send them an email*

    Zuri Model and Talent- Zoe Wheeler (Teen Divsion)

    If you have any more questions feel free to email me :)

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    They don't just accept random people. You would need a headshot/talent/experience/training. CAA is one of the best agencies around. And they don't make actors, they make money off of those that are already actors. Calling them would not get you anywhere. They are the kind of agency that sees potential clients from actors who are already on tv or in a movie.

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    Chances are you wouldn't get past the reception desk. Unless you have an appointment, the "top men" are unlikely to entertain you. Also, you have to consider how much professional experience (paid work) and formal training you have? The top casting agents in the industry aren't going to waste time on someone with little or none at all.

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    Not unless you have something to offer in the way of experience or training. Agents are not usually interested in representing beginners. They want people with marketable skills.

    You'd be better off taking some acting courses.

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