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What to do i got a head ach and i feel really hot?

How do i get rid of this

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    I suggest you start with a paracetamol and glass of coldish water. Make sure u r properly hydrated. Make sure the house your in is well ventilated and tidy your surroundings so everything feels clean and fresh. run yourself a luke warm bath and put on some relaxing music. if you have any aromatherapy candles light these now. Test and adjust the bath water until it is ideal temperature and get in. You could try some facial and head massaging now or just place a warm flannel over your eyes. Make sure there is someone on hand to wake if u feel u r at risk of falling asleep and drowning. Now soak for at least 20 minutes. Shower afterwards with the shower on full power on the back of your neck to relieve any knots, get out dry, apply scents, get dressed and then continue about ur day fully refreshed.

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