ABN work in Australia as an international student?

I am currently studying at uni as an international student on a student visa. The visa allows me to work 20 hours a week. I recently started working for a company and they told me I needed an ABN, so I applied for one. I did not sign any contract with the company and they have on many occasions tried to get me to work over the 20 hours a week. I just received my paycheck and there wasn't any holiday pay for having to work boxing day.

Working on an ABN, do I not receive holiday pay? How do taxes and super work? Sorry for sounding uneducated but I don't know much about ABN work so any information or links would be GREATLY appreciated. I am contemplating quitting this job ASAP as it is all starting to sound extremely dodgy and I only have it to make some income to go out and travel and such.

Thanks all.


I have a TFN already. When I applied they stated I needed an ABN to work and so applied for one. And telling me I shouldn't have taken the job is post-fact and not helpful. But thanks.

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  • zafir
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    10 years ago
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    What sort of work are you doing? Generally you do not need an ABN to work in Australia, unless the company wants to sub-contract work to you - which is unusual in most instances.

    What you do need is a Tax File Number, and you can apply for this through the Australian Taxation Office: http://www.ato.gov.au If you don't have a Tax File Number you will be paying a very high rate of tax.

    Contract workers, whether they have an ABN or not, do not receive holiday pay, casual employees do. You might need to check with the company you work for to make sure you've got the correct information.

  • Katty
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    10 years ago

    As a contractor you do not get paid any holiday pay (even if you did the Sunday Boxing Day was not a paid public holiday). You have to pay your own super (the company does not give you any). You also have to pay your own taxes - the company declares to the ATO what they pay you and if you do not pay the appropriate taxes on this they will know (they are expecting a certain amount from you).

    Working on your own ABN is very difficult - it sounds like you should never have taken on this job but since you have you had better sort every thing out before you quit.

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