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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 1 decade ago

Is Tom Kaulitz changing?

I have heard from a few people that Tom is changing sexually. He used to be very sexual and slept around with maaaany girls, but i have heard somewhere that he is more mature now and he doesn't do that anymore. Is it true? Is Tom really perfect now? :)

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    1 decade ago
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    I really think he is[: As you know, he use to say that he believed people were meant to have more than one "soul mate" and had to try lots of different people and have lots of "fun" (you know what I mean by fun). But lately he's said it would be nice to find "the one" and be truly in love and stick to one girl to have by his side the rest of his life.

    I like to say that FINALLY after 21 years, he's had some Bill rub off on him on how he looks at love (because just in case you didn't know, Bill is waiting for true love and hasn't had a girlfriend in nearly seven years because he really wants to find the love of his life♥) and I think is starting to look at it differently!!!! Plus, he is 21 now, and I have noticed in both Tom and Bill that they are starting to be more mature (actually all off of the band! Georg and Gustav in steady relationships, Bill cutting his long hair and wearing more...."fancy" and modeling etc., and Tom not sleeping around and I think his cornrows make him look older than his dreadlocks did).

    I admit, I never thought it would really happen. I would think "Hmm, I wonder if Tom will ever stop sleeping around with groupies....psshh. Nahh.." but it might actually be coming true!! I believe he really is a big step closer to being perfect![;

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it is true because hes 21 now. Hes not a boy anymore. Im actually glad that Tom is changing cuz when he was the type of guy that slept with alot of girls I was always scared he could end up with HIV or AIDS. When I heard of the Viagra overdose I flipped out I though he died or something I was so shocked and terrified when I heard that. Im not obsessed with Tom its just that I love him in the bestie type of way. And if you look at this interview Bill says Tom is more mature And once in another interview he admited that one night stands didnt make him happy anymore. even Bill said he led a lonley life with so many one night stands. So yeah, I think Tom is changing for the best ( and himself).<3

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe so, but who knows here's the interview where he says he is:

    I don't think he'd lie about something so serious also he is growing up :)

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