If you were making a list of the Top 10 Most Innocent R&S Regulars, who would be on that list, and why?


Pretty: LOL! With a face like that, how could ANYONE suspect you? =)

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Rico: Very thoughtful answer. Thank you!

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((((Mia)))) ((((Avatar3))))

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Thank you, ((((Eva))))!

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    1. This Is My Avatar 3 - Have you ever seen that girl's picture? She looks like she's 103% saint and pure. Like, more innocent than baby Cupid.

    2. Occultly - Never mind...

    3. Ethan - He still thinks Fireball is a woman.

    4. Jayden's Aunt - If she went to trial, the judge would say she's not guilty.

    5. brb - I think he really thinks I got mad at him after his song last night.

    6. Meddy - He's kind of like This Is My Avatar 3, except that his purity level according to looks are more like 88.30%.

    7. Ask a Mexican -The Yamster is racist but AAM still secretly thinks there's something good inside the Yamster's heart (little does he know that his Yamster has no heart, only a huge Uranus).

    8. Cassie -She doesn't know Eli Manning think about her when he's with his wife.

    9. Me -Maybe some people say I'm innocent because I think I will marry Tim Tebow. I don't think I will marry Tim Tebow; I am sure I will marry Tim Tebow. Get yo' facts right, people, aight?

    10. [insert any friend I did not mention] -[insert their reason] ...don't want anyone to feel left out, you know?

    Source(s): Edit: WTF???? I never noticed. I am sooo sorry ((((((((((Occulty))))))))) ...did I get it right? Edit2: So can I still call you Occultly? *asks very nicely*
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    Innocent as in nice ? Innocent as in naive ? Innocent as in simple minded ?

    Sheesh, Im over thinking here. I dont keep score, I like many of the atheists who come here. It's obvious they are very intelligent and probably fun, charming people in real life.

    But overall ... I'm compelled to confront these religious zombies with all their lies, hypocrisy, embarrassing facts about their religion. Scientific and historic evidence that disproves their insane beliefs. So I definitely dont keep track of them. Shoot any and every cultist first ... ask them embarrassing questions later. :D

    Feel people need to pick a side in the debate ... I chose atheism.

  • 1 decade ago

    Phoenix, in all her many incarnations, because she doesn't have a malicious bone in her delictable body.

    Believe it or not, Fireball. Although she's amazing ignorant, she's not malicious.

    Turtle's all the way down. UP. Angels. and many other who have, due to malicious report monkeys, ceased to be regulars like Unc, Linz, and Tragic Typos. Innocents with delightful senses of childlike whimsy, chased away by closed minded report monkeys. Sad.

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    1 decade ago

    Princess, obviously. Has anyone woman ever loved a man as purely as Princess loves Tim?


    And look how innocently she misspells my name EVERY GODDAMNED TIME!!! How innocent is THAT!

    (Don't think that just because I haven't mentioned it, I haven't noticed if FOR MONTHS NOW, baby...)

    EDIT 2:

    Well, now I feel stupid...all this time I was chuckling at our little inside joke, AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE LAUGHING!!!

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    1 decade ago

    (((Princess))) I'm so happy to be on the top of your list!

    Princess is the most innocent person I can think of on here. I mean, who can match her beauty, her niceness, and her 109% epic chastity?

  • 1 decade ago

    This might take a while, I'm really going to have to give it some thought.

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    1 decade ago

    I doubt anyone here is innocent.

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    2. Olga

    3. Olga

    4. Olga

    5. Olga

    6. Olga

    7. Olga

    8. Olga

    9. Olga

    10. Olga

    Oh is she just the most beautiful women I have ever seen....My heart feels with love for her.

    Source(s): My heart that is filled with love for her!
  • 1 decade ago

    For everyone who has ever been reported, abused, violated and suspended and had no true understanding from audiences out there who neither really appreciated them for what they really were and what they truly meant.

    Source(s): Rico deserves best answer, he just explained it best.
  • 1 decade ago

    Princesss, Olga, brb.....me.

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