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Are these the top ten wrestlers of the decade(00-10)?

In my opinion:

10. CM Punk

9. Christian

8. Edge

7. Randy Orton

6. Chris Jericho

5. The Undertaker

4. Triple H

3. John Cena

2. Kurt Angle

1. Shawn Michaels

What do you think?

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    Just WWE (2000-2010) :

    1. Shawn Michaels

    2. The Undertaker

    3. Stone Cold

    4. Bret Hart

    5. The Rock

    6. Triple H

    7. John Cena

    8. Kurt Angle

    9. Randy Orton

    10. Edge

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    In my opinion:

    10. Wade Barrett

    9. CM Punk

    8. Christian

    7. Chris Jericho

    6. Edge

    5. The Miz

    4. Triple H

    3. Shawn Michaels

    2. Randy Orton

    1. John Cena

  • JM
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    1 decade ago

    1. HHH

    2. Undertaker

    3. Stone Cold

    4. Kurt Angle

    5. Chris Jericho

    6. HBK

    7. The Rock

    8. John Cena

    9. Randy Orton

    10. Chris Benoit

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    1.Kurt Angle

    2.The Undertaker

    3.Shawn Michaels

    4.Triple H

    5.Chris Jericho

    6.AJ Styles


    8.John Cena

    9.Stone Cold

    10.The Rock

    Source(s): Stone Cold & The Rock didn't take much part in the decade
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have you ignored TNA stars and other non wwe wrestlers on purpose.

    If so then for a wwe only list its quite good. I think Shawn hasnt been that good since 2000 as he hasnt done a huge amount. I'd have Jericho higher and I'd have Punk higher but that would be me factoring in his non wwe stuff.

  • Ric F
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    1 decade ago

    i think not im sorry:

    10. Kane

    9. Dolph Ziggler

    8. Triple H

    7. Samoa Joe

    6. Test

    5. Edge

    4. Shawn Michaels

    3. Rey Mysterio

    2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

    1. Brock Lesnar

    word to the wise

  • bragan
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    4 years ago

    a million. John Cena- even inspite of the undeniable fact that human beings hate him via fact he consistently wins its no longer his fault via fact ever via fact that wwe grew to become pg he have been given extra pops and money and he enjoyed wreslting lots that he had to handle it, he became quite sturdy throughout his television 14 era and now he's in basic terms a toddlers idol that's sturdy yet we want it to be back to the previous genuine wrestling. 2. Batista- comparable subject as cena yet quite of staying he left via fact wwe and its lame pg storylines he in basic terms didnt sense that it became now no longer a similar one all of us grew as much as observe and that i admire him for that via fact its so genuine. 3. Shelton Benjamin- he's a athletic dude and he became and consistently my fav wreslter during the 14 era via fact he had extra push, even inspite of the undeniable fact that he's not sturdy at mic he's youthful yet did no longer get a respectable storyline heading into the pg. 4. Rey Mysterio- ok quite sturdy yet he gets quite boring on his storylines now yet is massive 5. Eddie Guerrero- He became the terrific mexican wrestling entertainer and comedy by way of cheating, sturdy element he did no longer strive against in direction of the pg era cuz it sucks balls. 6.Randy Orton- quite sturdy wreslter and easily gets into his character quite sturdy. 7.Triple H- quite sturdy as heel and face, and mic skills are genuine sturdy. 8. Stone chilly Steve Austin 9. Funak/Khali- the two attempt genuine troublesome on language and talents 10. the great One "Do You scent What The Rock Is Cooking?" no you may fantastic this guy he's and could consistently be the terrific

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    nice list. however, I'd replace CM Punk with Chris Benoit and replace Christian with Kane

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Take orton off that fukn list and replace it with kane and it works.

  • Good list, BUT you forgot one WWE Superstar............................ THE MIZ!!!!!!!!!!!

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