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I am 21yr old student who has done nothing in her life apart from watching tv. How am I ever going to achieve?

How am I ever going to achieve anything in life if I keep doing the same thing over and over again.

My family has always supported me through everything. I feel like a big loser. I want to change that.

I want to develop my career, have a social life, be responsible.

Be mature. I know the first advice which everyone is going to give me is - to stop watching tv.

I am definitely going to do that but how am I ever going to be a normal person.

I have never lived in reality so far.

I hate to say this but If i became oblivious to my surroundings for such a long time and never saw the true face of anyone how am I going to survive?

I definitely know that every person of my age has matured and has had more experiences than me.

How am I ever going to become the person that I want to be?

Please someone give some realistic advice. Only serious answers please

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    First of all, you should start off remembering that your still pretty young and that you have a lot of time to change your life around. You should also remember that your will power is the strongest around this age.

    If you have a supportive family, use that to your advantage and create interactive surroundings. Ask them to help you become more involved in their communities and your community. The people that you meet and talk to shape your life a lot more than you realize. I'm not saying you have to read to the blind (although it may help you), but do something to get you involved in the people around you. See whats out there. You'll find opportunities popping up right infront of you.

    Recognizing that you need to achieve is a pretty good start. If you love watching TV, maybe your interests lie in Media or Television. Pursue your interests this way, because theres no reason to give up something that you like for another aspect of your life. Obviously, too much TV isn't good for you, but working in the field gives you a more active involvement.

    If your worried about experiences, put yourself out there. Travel, talk to people, do something new everyday.

    On a small scale, how you start your day is really important. Your meals, your clothing and your daily activities really affect your perception of yourself and others. That, for me, would be the first thing to improve.

    Personal makeovers are fun, especially when you get to the end. GOOD LUCK!

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    You are still young so you have time to build on things from here. If you plan activities throughout the day for yourself and select only to watch only your favorite shows it will cut down the TV slowly.

    You can start with looking for work. If you're doing well in school it counts!! You can pick up a part time job to help generate some cash flow for the household. You don't have to support anyone with this job but it will help anyone that was giving you money before. When you are not working or studying you should spend quality time with family such as talking to catch up on things...

    As for a career, you are doing great if you are in college and heading towards graduation. Your career will start with the Bachelor degree and you can spent all the time working towards your goal. You may even decide to go back for your Master, who knows?

    The point is to stay focus in school and picking up a few good work habits along with learning to be resposlnsible with money.

    I hope this helps some. You are on your way... Most people hour age are going through the same thing. They don't know whether add not they on the right path and if so then what is the right path and so on.

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    You have almost the same question and age from a question I answered last night. Which means your not alone! There are 21 years that are still stuck with there life's. It's never to late for a change. For your new year's resolution, you should go out and meet new people! Start by saying hi to a random person. Start applying to a job. Even if you don't have experience. It doesn't hurt to try! You are not a LOSER! Nobody are losers. You just have to be motivated and gain some determination in life. What are your goals? Ask yourself--What is my short-term goal? Should apply at a local college to gain new skills for a career that I want to do? Then continue. Best of wishes, and you just have to be positive! You'll be fine, your just not helping yourself. 2011 should be a fresh start! YOU CAN DO IT!!

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    depression classes or not, you need to deep down want to change and do everything it takes. Counseling can be helpful. I know when I was having depression problems I really enjoyed having someone to talk to about everything going on and help me think more positive. They can really work with you to help you get better and if your lucky you might be able to get it for free(depending on where you live, you just gotta search around and there will likely be a place for free) Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I am a college student myself and all I do is play WoW(world of warcraft) but I realize that schooling is alot of work and exhausting.. So in reward for trying to do good in school, I play videogames or watch tv. Ever since I went to counseling, it made me realize what I truly want to become in life. At first I thought I wanted to be a nurse, but now it is clear to me that my true passion is Psychology. I want to be able to help people the same way my counselor helped me :)

    I wish you so much luck. I hope everything gets better for you.

    Never forget, Anything is possible. Just set you mind to it.

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    You need something to work towards, like in a job. Jobs are hard to come by, but ask around everywhere, not just the places you Want to work, but wal-mart, McD's.. things like that.

    Then you need goals in your life. Ask yourself these questions (maybe write them down and write out the answers!) What do I want out of my life? What am I good at? Is there anything that I would like to study for in school? Is there a certain career out there that I might want to look into or work towards? MOST IMPORTANT! What is it that makes me happy and how can I strive to achieve more happiness in my life?

    Once you have a few goals set or at least the thoughts of what could be goals, look into how to complete them. Go to college maybe, or trade-school. Many good universities offer online. Just do it for you so you can be happy. :)

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    It sounds like you are depressed. You should join depression classes, or do something with other people, like cooking classes. You also seem to need to find a man. Maybe you could try E-harmony or Try walking around your neighborhood in the morning. hope I helped at least a little.

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