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what movies does vince vaughn smoke in?

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    For some odd reason, I took a particular interest in this question. I did a little web browsing and found out that Vince Vaughn didn't start smoking 'til he was 24 and only because it was required in a movie role. He been hooked on cigarettes every since until, according to this article, he quite a year ago: His costar in Four Christmases (2008), Reese Witherspoon, complained that she spend a lot on dry cleaning her clothes while filming with Vaughn because of his excessive cigarette smoking.

    EDIT: I just watched my copy of The Cell (2000) and, sure enough, there are a couple scenes in which Vince Vaughn is shown smoking a cigarette. In one, his ashtray is full.

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  • Anonymous
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    He also smokes dope in Return to Paradise.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I just can't think of one situation where this question would actually be relevant. Who the hell cares?

    Probably "Swingers", by the way

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  • Swingers, I'm not sure what else though. (Maybe The Cell)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Have the

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