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Hhow do i change my workout?

when i change up my workout, can i just change the days i work the muscles and the order i do my workout?

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    Changing the days and order won't do much, though I would recommend changing the order every once in awhile. The way to do it is with the weight and rep ranges you do. For example, do 3-4 weeks of high volume training (15-20 reps per set). Make sure the weight is challenging, but not to failure.

    Then do 3-4 weeks of heavy lifting (5-7 reps per set). Same deal, not to failure, but very close.

    Other things you can do is mix up the number of sets you do. For example, instead of doing 3 sets of 10. Do 5 sets of 6. That's the same number of reps but it confuses your body a little more.

    If you keep doing the same thing over and over again your body will get used to the weight and you'll reach the dreaded plateou.. So mix it up and train hard!

    Best of luck

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    hi , you will need to confuse your body to get the most of your workout first you need to do the mixing process of training that by treadmill and weight lifting in one day and the next day do warm up and start with weight lifting and end up with 10 minuets running that will help your body to build itself accurately and will make a hell of a difference in definition of the muscles and give your body time to tone by skipping day or two from workout best of luck

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