Steam is being slow at downloading games?

I have like 10 games that I bought in a pack off steam and I really only want 2 of them to download. Its saying that it will take like 12 hours to download. How can I speed this up can I pause the other games to make a game go faster?

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    1 decade ago
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    1:- Open the Steam client. If you don't already have it, you can find a link to it in the resources section of this article.

    2:-Click "File" on the leftmost tab at the top of the screen.

    3:-On the dropdown menu select "Settings." A pop-up menu will appear.

    4:-Select "Downloads." It's the last tab on the right.

    5:-Click on "Internet Connection Speed." This menu allows for you to select the type of connection you're using to connect to the Steam client.

    6:-On the dropdown menu, select the "Cable/Fiber" connection option. It's the last option on the bottom. Now your download speed will not be capped; even if you're not using a cable or fiber connection, Steam will not detect that fact, meaning that your download speed will only be limited by the speed of your own connection.

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    Steam may not be the problem. Maybe your internet connection is slow at the moment, or other people are using the network at the same time (congestion). And there is no way to download separate games faster from a pack! Sorry =(

    Hope i helped! Good Luck!

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    Also, check the download location to make sure it's the closest. Mine was downloading from Chicago and I was getting one game at around 100kb/s and the other just over 1kb/s. Haven't seen speeds that slow since dial-up. But I switched my download location from Chicago to Minneapolis and was getting over 500kb/s on one and between 300-400kb/s on the other. Which still isn't great, but much better than before.

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    5 years ago

    go to setting's download=cloud tab and make sure the download region and internet connections setting are right. if that dose int work just be patient it will speed up before you know it. every time i get a game it says like 43 hours but it goes down to 1 hour most of the time

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